Shani Trayodashi Puja Timings 2023 Dates in Telugu Calendar

Know the details about the Shani Trayodashi Puja Timings 2023 Dates in Telugu Calendar, 2023 Shani Trayodashi Dates, Sani Trayodasi 2023 Telugu Calendar Pooja Timings, and information here.

Shani trayodashi is an important festival day for Hindus because it honors Lord Shani and Lord Shiva. Shani Trayodashi tithi is the name of the 13th day of the festival in the Hindu calendar. Lord Surya Bhagavan and Chaya devi gave birth to lord Shani Devi maths. Lord Shani Devi responded by the planet Saturn and his followers believe that he can get rid of problems. The day Shani Trayodashi belongs to Lord Shiva and praying to him brings comfort to the individual suffering from the malefic effect of the planet Saturn Shani.

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Shani Trayodashi Puja Fasting and Procedure:

Simply fasting meaning we have to stop eating completely for a certain period of time. Fasts from 12 to 24 hours, but some types of foods we can allow like water, tea, and coffee, or even a small amount of nutrition during the fasting period of the time generally help to recover our health. To decrease the fat percentage during the period of fasting. And we have to do fasting at least twice a month to keep our bodies healthy.

Shani Trayodashi Puja Timings 2023 Dates in Telugu Calendar:

Timings of Shani Trayodashi PujaDates of Shani Trayodashi Pooja
06 AM To 07.30 AM18th February, Saturday
06 AM To 07.30 AM4th March, Saturday
06 AM To 07.30 AM1st July, Saturday

How Should Shani Trayodashi Be Celebrated:

  • The sanusha Kalam is also called Shani Maha Kalam, in that time between 6:30 AM to 7:30 Am, If the Rudra abhishekam is at the time you will get more out of it and we have to wash your heads before going.
  • We should speak the Shani mantra and we should give food to the crows and feeds the peoples who are hungry.
  • Shani Trayodashi is observed when Trayodashi tithi (13 of a lunar night in Hindu begins on Saturday.
    As per some regional beliefs, to be observed as Shani Trayodashi, the tithi should be present during the night period on Saturday.
  • Trayodashi tithi is also got to Shiva. And as per Hindu P, Shiva has control over the grahas He will help in finding solutions for people.

Shani Trayodashi Puja Timings 2023 Dates in Telugu Calendar and Significance

  • The famous Dhanteras falling in trayodashi it is a god shiva workshop on Devi Thani trayodashi and is completely based on the god shiva and Its own special significance in Hindu peoples.
  • This is a list of all the 2023 Shani Trayodashi dates and starting times and end times of the Shani Trayodashi in 2023.
  • The fasting ritual known as pradosha is observed on both the Shukla Paksha Trayodashi and the Krishna Paksha Trayodashi that occur throughout the lunar month.
  • For the purposes of the Pradosham Vrat, the day is considered to have been defined when the Pradosha Kala (the time period commencing at sunset) includes the Trayodashi Tithi.
  • The Shiva Puja is conducted in the evening, after sunset, during the overlap of the Trayodashi Tithi and the Pradosha time periods.
  • When it falls on a Saturday, the astrological event known as Pradosham is referred to as Shani Pradosha.

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