Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Puja Tithi Panchangam

Know the details about Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Puja Tithi Panchangam, Magha Masam Significance, and the 2023 Magha Masam Telugu Panchangam Start End Dates Puja Days Here.

The word “magham” has come to imply the act of offering oneself as a sacrifice. Maghamas were favored for use in Yajnyagadi ceremonies. These Maghadhipatyana ceremonies occur throughout the month of Maghamasa. The Magha bath is revered as a sacred ritual. Maghamas have the custom of taking a dip in the river to cleanse their souls. Many Indians think that a morning shower can cleanse them of whatever sins they may have committed the night before. Maghasnana Mahatma is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana. The Manasvinis of Mrikandum is reported to have cured their son Markandeyu of immortality by soaking him in a sacred bath.

The angle at which the sun’s rays strike Earth during the Pratyusha period is determined by the sign in which the Sun is located during Maghamasam. Sunlight undergoes a shift in composition at that time, with a greater proportion of UV and infrared light. Bathing in fast-moving water before daybreak from January 20 through March 30 is highly recommended by current scientists. Lord Surya, the Sun God, is worshipped at these spas. After a refreshing soak in the tub, it is customary to present the sun with an offering of arghya.

It is stated that if you take a bath in your house before daybreak during the month of Maghamasam, you would be blessed with six years’ worth of aghamarshan bathing fruit. Taking a dip in a well is said to bring twelve years of good fortune, while a dip in Tataka yields two, and a dip in a river, one hundred; the Ganges, six; and Triveni Sangam, twelve. To wash away one’s sins and think about the Divine Tirthas is a common reason for visiting Magha Sangam for a dip. One of the most effective times to recite “Prayaga” is when taking a bath. The name for Magha Poornima is Mahamagham. This Purnima really is divine. It’s OK to chant while taking a relaxing bath. Today is a day of beautiful fulfillment for a dip in the ocean.

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Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Puja Tithi Panchangam

  • Generally, Magha Masam will come between Feb and March Months every year. This year, Magha Masam stepped in January month and continues up to Feb last week.
  • This Year, Starting Day of Magha Masam is 22nd January 2023 and ends on 20th February 2023.
  • In the Telugu calendar, the month of Maghamasam comes tenth. Considering the moon’s connection to Makha Nakshatra, the name was eventually shortened to Maghamasam. Lord Vishnu is very pleased with this month since it coincides with Uttarayana Punyasya.

Rituals to Be Done in 2023 Magha Masam Telugu Panchangam Start End Dates:

It is as vital to give to others as it is to take a dip in a sacred river during the month of Maghamas. Donating jaggery and salt on the Magha month’s Shuddha Vidya day is said to bring good fortune and merit, as stated plainly in the Magha Purana. Chaviti is a holy day in Maghamasam for worshipping Umadevi and Vigneswara. According to the Puranas, Saraswati Kataksha may be attained by worshipping the goddess on Sripanchami, the fifth day of the Magha month’s Shukla Paksha Panchami.

Red flowers, such as mandarin and red sandalwood, are used in the worship of Lord Varuna during the festivals of Maghamasa Shuddha Shashthi, Mandarashashthi, Kama Shashthi, and Varuna Shashthi. If you worship the sun on the Saptami of the Magha month, you’ll be healthy. The issues with sickness will disappear. The day after Maghamasa Suddha Ashtami is known as Bhishmashtami. Bhishma Ekadashi is another name for Ekadashi. According to the Shastras, the blessings of Lord Vishnu are bestowed upon those who repeat the name of Vishnu Sahasra from Bhishma Ashtami to Bhishma Ekadashi in the month of Maghama.

Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Puja Tithi Panchangam and Magha Masam Significance:

There is so much significance to the lighting of a lamp in the month of Kartika and to taking a bath in the month of Magha. Hindu belief holds that a single river bath, worship of Sriman Narayan, and Shaktikoladi donation in Maghamasam is equivalent to doing millions of rituals. Maghamasam is home to several rivers, all of which provide water on par with the Ganges. During this month, a dip in the river is like taking a shower for your sins. Morning baths and early rising are highly recommended this month. Thereafter, the devotion of Lord Surya takes on a more central role.

It is said that taking a dip in a river, pond, or well is a holy practice (Duhkha Daridryanasaya Sri Vishnostoshanayacha Pratah Sangam Karomyadya Maghe Papavinasanam). Holy rivers such as the Ganges, Godavari, and Kaveri should be used for daily bathing whether one is in India or elsewhere.

After a refreshing shower, visiting a temple is always recommended. During this month, visitors to the Shiva temple should use sesame oil to light candles. The Sun should be worshipped on Sundays, especially this month. Everyone should make a sacrifice of arghya to the sun in the traditional month of Magha. Those who are proficient in upanayanam chant the argyam mantra. However, if you don’t want to sing the names of the sun while offering arghya at dawn, then you should do so.

Magha Masam 2023 Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Puja Tithi Panchangam And Surya Pooja

When the Sun is worshipped with the Adityan spirit at least once a week, on Sunday mornings, Lord Surya is appeased and all disease is banished, and the devotee is granted a long and healthy life. As the title suggests, this is a scientific book. Not only is Ratha Saptami celebrated, but also Sri Panchami, Varachaturdashi, Varuna Shashti, Bhishma Ashtami, Bhishma Ekadashi, and Magha Poornima occur throughout this month.

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