Puri Jagannath Temple Online Donation

Know the details about Puri Jagannath Temple Online Donation, Shree Jagannath Temple Online Donation Scheme and Procedure, Benefits, and More here.

Puri Jagannath Temple Online Donation

Pilgrims can contribute to Puri Jagannath temple by volunteering or by donating money in order to help continue services organized by the temple authorities. Pilgrims can donate money in 03 ways.

  1. They can donate online by filling in the basic details along with the amount wished to donate by making online payments.
  2. The second one is donating in person by reaching the Donation cell inside the temple premises of Jagannath Temple.
  3. The last way is by sending a DD or a cheque in favor of the temple Administration.

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General donation: The amount to donate is completely dependent on the amount that the devotee wishes to donate. He or She can donate the desired amount whenever they plan to donate to the temple.

Corpus Fund Donation: Governed by the Orissa government, Temple authorities of Jagannath temple administer Corpus Fund Donation Scheme. In this scheme, Pilgrims have to donate a minimum of 1 Lakh Rupees and it is 10 Lakh Rupees for Patron Donors. The corpus amount will be used for the activities in the temple like reconstruction or installation work.

Renovation of the temple: Pilgrims can donate Rs.500 under the Repairs or renovation scheme of the temple.

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