2023 Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Date and Time

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Akshaya Tritiya Festival occurs on the third day of the lunar month as per the Hindu Calendar. The famous Chandan Yatra also starts on this auspicious day and also the beginning of the Car Festival of Lord Jagannath. The car festival of Lord Jagannath is conducted annually on the second day of Asadha in the months of June and July. This festival also goes by different names Ratha Yatra or Gundicha Yatra or Gosha Yatra, Millions of pilgrims visit Puri to be a part of this famous festival. Raja Indradyumna’s queen Gundicha insisted on celebrating it as a grand festival and hence the festival also goes by the name Gundicha Yatra.

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2023 Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Date and Time

The Car festival starts at Lord Jagannath Temple where the deities are taken out from the temple and placed into the beautifully decorated Chariots parked at Lion’s gate of Lord Jagannath Temple. From there, thousands of Pilgrims drag the chariots to Gundicha temple which is located 3km from the Lord Jagannath Temple.

In 2023 Shree Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra (Car Festival) Falls On – 20 June Tuesday

The deities Lord Jagannath, Subadra Devi, and Balabadra stay at Gundicha temple for seven days and start their return journey on the 9th day. This journey is called the Bahuda Yatra. The very next day, the deities are dressed in glitter gold ornaments. Millions of pilgrims visit Jagannath temple on this day and it is known as Suna Vesha. Later, the deities will be taken back into the temple concluding the Car Festival.

Ratha Yatra is considered as the celebration of equality, love, and compassion as it allows pilgrims to drag the chariots irrespective of their caste, religion, and gender. The Ratha yatra is the final festival of all the festivals conducted in the summer and monsoon months.

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