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Within the Western Ghats mountain range in Karnataka is where you’ll find the Kukke Subramanya Temple. The well-known mountain of Kumara Parvatha, which is known as a popular trekking destination for hikers from all over South India, stands in the background of the temple. See below to get the details about Kukke Temple Abhaya Guest House Online Booking

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Kukke Temple Abhaya Guest House Online Booking Process and History

Shesha Parvatha is a mountain that is close to Kumara Parvatha and is designed like a six-headed legendary snake. It appears like a cobra with its hood open, as though it is guarding the temple shrine of Lord Subramanya. Kumara Parvatha creates a picture-perfect background for the temple entrance. The temple may be found on the western slopes of the Ghats and is surrounded by thick evergreen trees on all sides.

The hamlet of Subramanya is located in the Kadaba Taluk of Dakshina Kannada and it has a sanctity that very few other locations in the world can claim to have. Kukke was soaked in the rich wealth of the beauty that nature has to offer. The place of worship may be found right in the middle of the community.

The rivers, woods, and mountains that the temples are surrounded by are like windows through which Mother Nature lets all of her unveiled splendor shine. It is around 105 kilometers away from Mangalore and can be accessed by rail, buses, or taxis with little difficulty. In the past, people often referred to Subramanya by the name Kukke Pattana.

The Mahimanipurana chapter of the Sahyadrikhanda may be found in Skanda Purana’s Sanatkumara Samhita. This kshetra may be found on the banks of the river Dhara, which flows from the Kumara mountain range all the way down to the western sea.

Kukke Temple Abhaya Guest House Online Booking and Rules of Temple Darshan

Before they are allowed to enter the temple for their darshan, pilgrims must first cross the Kumaradhara River and perform a religious bathing ritual in the water of the river. Only then are they allowed to see the Lord?

The devotees enter the courtyard by the gateway in the rear, and then they go around the deity doing the circumambulation. There is a pillar in the shape of a Garuda that is coated in silver and is located between the sanctum and the portico entrance. This pillar is walked all the way around by devotees. It is often believed that this pillar was charmed and placed in that location in order to protect worshippers from the noxious fires that were caused by the breath of Vasuki, who inhabits the structure.

After passing through the archway, you will arrive at the outer hall, then the inner hall, and finally the sanctum of Sri Subrahmanya. A pedestal may be found in the exact middle of the Sanctorum. The god of Sri Subrahmanya and the deity of Vasuki are located on the top dais, while the deity of Shesha is located on a considerably lower level than the upper dais. Every day, devotional services in observance of these deities are performed. As more people become aware of the temple’s religious significance and relevance, it is seeing a gradual rise in popularity.

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Kukke Temple Abhaya Guest House Online Booking in Details

  • This guest house has a bathroom and a toilet that is attached to it.
  • The hostel may be found in close proximity to the Anantha guesthouse.
  • The room rate is Rs. 255 per day, and guests have access to their space around the clock.
  • At the time of check-in, you will be required to pay a Caution Deposit of Rs. 1000.

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