Puri Jagannath Temple to Alarnath Temple Distance and Timings

Know the details about Puri Jagannath Temple to Alarnath Temple Distance and Timings, Puri to Alarnath Temple distance, and Route map Guide.

Alarnath temple is located in Brahmagiri, Odisha. Lord Vishnu is the main deity here and this temple is famous for Anavasara Festival. Pilgrims who cannot visit Lord Jagannath can visit Alarnath Temple. After the Snana Yatra, Lord Jagannatha rests for two weeks after suffering from fever. Hence, Anavasara happens for two weeks.

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Puri Jagannath Temple to Alarnath Temple Distance and Timings

The distance between Puri Temple and Alarnath Temple is 22.2 KM. It takes a transport time of around 40 minutes by road. 

History of Alarnath Temple Near Puri:

There once was a devotee by the name of Sri Prabhu Chaitanya Dev who used to visit Lord Jagannath temple every day. During Anavasara, he was not able to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath as he was suffering from the ocean. Sri Prabhu Chaitanya wanted to commit suicide as he was not able to see the lord. Then Lord Jagannath appeared and told him that he will be performing a Leela in the form of Alarnath in Bramhagiri. Since then the place has become famous as the lord suggested Sri Prabhu Chaitanya visit this place during Anavasara to have Darshan.

The deity of Lord Krishna along with Satyabhama and Rukmini and the deity of Sri Prachu Chaitanya can be found inside the temple. During Anavasara time, Kheer bhogo is offered to Lord Jagannath which holds a fantastic story. One day the main priest’s son offered pooja and hot kheer to the Lord as his father went out. Being in a hurry to eat kheer, Lord Alarnath dipped his fingers into the Kheer. Lord Alarnath’s burnt fingers are very evident even now.

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