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The second biggest Shiva statue in the world may be seen at the Murudeshwar Temple, which is located in Murudeshwar in the Bhatkal Taluk in North Karnataka. The temple occupies a large portion of Kanduka Hill, situated in the middle of the Arabian Sea on three sides. The Murudeshwar, which stands at 123 feet and is another name for Shiva, was constructed over the course of two years. See below to get the details about Murudeshwar Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

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Murudeshwar Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking:

The monument’s construction was carefully planned so that it would shine brightly as soon as the first rays of dawn hit it. Immediately near the monument is a gopuram that has been constructed to a height of 20 stories. You may take the lift up to the top floor to obtain a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding area.

Murudeshwara is a temple town in Bhatkala Taluk, North Canara district in Coastal Karnataka. It is in a beautiful setting between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, and it is located on the main roadway that links Mangalore and Karwar. This highway is known as the Mangalore-Karwar roadway. The amazing statue of Shiva and the perfect beach are its two key lures, but the Shiva Temple, with its Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures as well as its construction in the Dravidian style of architecture, is the most well-known landmark of the area.

Murudeshwar Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking and History:

Ravana is credited for transporting the Atma Lingam from Mount Kailash, according to the tradition. Ravana was deceived by Lord Ganesha’s ploy when he was on his trip to Lanka, and Lord Ganesha then placed the Linga on the ground at Gokarna. This infuriated Ravana, and he made many attempts to uproot and destroy the Linga. The fragments of the lingam that were shattered were thrown aside. The lingam’s covering fabric fell onto Kanduka Giri, and a temple dedicated to Murudeshwar was subsequently constructed on the mountain.

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Murudeshwar Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking And Myth:

  • This temple may be found on top of a little hill known as Kanduka Giri, which is encircled on three sides by the ocean. The temple was constructed using sculptures in the Dravidian style that were created by the Chalukya and Kadamba dynasties. Granite was used extensively in the construction of the temple.
  • It boasts a Gopura that is twenty stories tall and is protected by two life-size concrete elephants that stand at the stairs that go into the temple. The tower has a height of 76 meters (249 ft), making it the highest Gopura in the whole globe. Mr. RN. Shetty, a successful businessman, and philanthropist were responsible for the construction of the whole temple complex to its current state, including the Raja Gopura, which stands at a height of 249 feet. Within the sanctuary, Lord Shiva appears as a linga and bestows his blessings from a depth of two feet below the earth.
  • The other sculptures that were created atop the Kanduka hill include the Geetopadesha, the Sun chariot, and a sculpture depicting Lord Ganesh receiving the Atma Linga from Ravana. The statue of Shiva at Murudeshwar, which stands 123 feet tall and is the second-tallest Shiva sculpture in the world, has become an important local landmark.
  • A statue of Jattiga on a horse may be found atop the mound just as one begins to mount it. Behind the temple lies a massive fort that is claimed to have been restored by the former ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. The view of the setting sun from here is spectacular.
  • The most important festival, known as Maha Shivaratri, is observed to an extremely high degree at this temple. Tens of thousands of people from Karnataka and the neighboring states attend this event.
  • Devotees visiting Murudeshwara Temple can get their accommodation in the nearby rooms present very near to the temple. People can directly go to the hotel rooms and can book the rooms and various types of rooms are available according to the budget of the people.


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