Places To Visit Near Murudeshwar Temple Must See

Know the details about Places To Visit Near Murudeshwar Temple Must See, Top tourist sights near Murudeshwar, Tourist places to see near Murudeshwar

The town of Murdeshwar is located in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. In addition to being famed for the Murudeshwara Temple, the town is known for having the second-tallest Shiva statue in the world. The Mangalore–Mumbai Konkan railway line passes through the town, where there is also a train station. See below to get the details about Places To Visit Near Murudeshwar

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Places To Visit Near Murudeshwar Temple Must See


Gokarna is a town in Karnataka that is considered to be a Hindu pilgrimage site due to its untouched beaches and stunning scenery. More recently, it has become a popular destination for beachgoers and hippies. Gokarna is a tiny town in the state of Karnataka. It is most known for two things: its beaches and its temples, both of which are located on the coast of Karwar. Gokarna may mean something different to each one who hears it. Gokarna attracts hundreds of vacationers each year who, on the one hand, are looking for holiness and salvation and, on the other, are looking for relief and pleasure. It is at a distance of 79 KM from Murudeshwar


Agumbe is a small hamlet that can be found in the Shimoga region of Karnataka. It is often known as the “Cherrapunji of South India” because of its location. This very biodiverse area receives the most yearly rainfall in India and the highest monthly rainfall in south India. A trip to Agumbe is sure to be a memorable one because of the stunning scenery of this hill station, which is complemented by a network of hiking paths and heavy rains. It is a lowland rainforest and one of the few that still exists today. This breathtaking location was used as the location for the fictitious Indian village of Malgudi, which was featured in the television series Malgudi Days. It is at a distance of 140 KM from Murudeshwar.

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Netrani Island :

Yana is a charming hill station located in the Sahyadri Hills in North Karnataka. This hill station has a beauty that captivates visitors and hills that entice even the most experienced hikers. Yana is a little hill station with great beauty that has the ability to enchant any soul that so much as sets eyes on it. It is nestled in between one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world. Yana is a well-known location for adventure, nature, and religion and is a little town that is just around 140 kilometers distant from Hubli. Because of this, Yana is an ideal spot for a weekend trip.

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Maravanthe :

The easiest way to explain the escape that is Maravanthe is to think of it as nature’s basket stuffed with breathtakingly beautiful sights. The beach has earned the moniker “Virgin Beach” due to the magnificent beach town that stretches for miles and miles down the coast and has white sand. The setting light casts a sepia hue over the whole area, making it seem as if it were plucked straight from a painter’s palette. The town is surrounded on three sides by water: the Arabian Sea to the west, the Sauparnika River to the east, and the Kodachadri Hills to the south. It is a popular tourist destination since it has a number of different sites to visit.

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Places To Visit Near Murudeshwar Temple Must See Sight Seens:

Bhatkal Beach :

A notable beach that is located along the Arabian Sea and has a shoreline that is free from pollution and is dotted with coconut palms offers a stunning view of the surrounding area.

Udupi :

Udupi is a seaside town in the state of Karnataka that is most well-known for its vegetarian food and South Indian eateries that can be found all over the nation. Udupi is a region that is known for its finely carved temples, laid-back beaches, and undiscovered woods. It is also the location of Manipal, which is an educational center. Udupi is renowned for its culture and is about sixty km away from Mangalore. This pilgrim hub is the most significant city in Karnataka after Bangalore and Mangalore. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other.

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Apsara Konda Falls :

Located around 20 km away from Murudeshwar, Apsara Konda Falls is a modest waterfall and pond that is ideal for a day trip with close friends or family. In addition to having a hill, a beach, a park, and several caves in close proximity to one another, it is quite simple to reach by road. The viewpoint at this location provides some of the best views in the area, particularly around dawn and sunset. The costs are really inconsequential. The hours of operation typically run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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