Dwarakadhish Temple Darshan Timings

Know the details about Dwaraka Temple opening and closing timings, Dwarakadhish Temple Darshan Timings, Online Booking, and More.

About Dwaraka Temple:

Dwarakadhish temple is located at Dwaraka, in Gujarat State. Dwaraka Temple is the abode of Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Krishna is called as King of Dwaraka. Dwaraka is considered a holy place for all the Indians and visiting Dwaraka Temple is also considered a part of the Chardham yatra. According to Puranas Dwaraka Temple is also considered as 108th Divya Desam of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. 

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The Architecture of Dwarakadhish Temple:

The architecture of  Dwaraka Temple is typical. The main Shrine is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir has been supported by 72 pillars. According to Indian History, the Dwarakadhish temple is established in the 15th century. The idols of Trivikrama, Pradyumna, Aniruddha, and all other deities are located in the main shrine of Dwaraka Temple. Another important concept about the Dwaraka temple is that the whole temple is built with limestone. There are some important things that make Dwaraka Temple very special, some of them are-

The flag on the top of the Dwaraka Temple always shows Sun and Moon, symbolically it states that Lord Krishna will not leave the devotees who believed in him, and also Lord Krishna will stay with them till the Sun and Moon exists.

Dwarakadhish Temple Darshan Timings

Dwaraka Temple follows regular timings. Every day Dwaraka temple opens in Morning at 6.30 AM and closes at the night at 9.30 PM. Timings of the Dwaraka temple will be changed during festivals and on any other occasions. Every day Lord Sri Krishna will be offered many Poojas, Aartis, and all the devotees are allowed to do darshan of the main deity to seek the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna. In Dwaraka Temple, Lord Krishna is referred to as Dwarakadhish. Dwarakadhish means Lord of Dwaraka. From Morning To Evening variety of Sevas and poojas are offered to Lord Krishna.

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