Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking

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At the Chenthilandavar Temple in Tiruchendur, you may learn about the ancient Hindu worship that took place there. This place of worship is dedicated to the god Murugan. It is the second of the six abodes of Murugan, and it is possible to find it in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Arupadaiveedugal is another name for this particular abode. The ISO accreditation was awarded to this Hindu temple, making it the fourth Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu to achieve this distinction. It can be found in the eastern portion of the town of Tiruchendur, which is situated in the district of Thoothukudi, which is in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. See below to get the details about Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking

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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking

The temple was constructed close to the water’s edge, and its dimensions are as follows: 91 meters (299 feet) from north to south; 65 meters (213 feet) from east to west; and it features a gopuram, also known as a tower gate, that is 157 feet (48 meters) in height. The primary entrance is situated such that it faces south and enters into the first of two prakarams.

The first of these prakarams is adorned with rows of yalis. The holiest part of the temple is located in a grotto, and the principal god, known as the moolavar, is a statue of Murugan as a righteous kid carved out of granite. The holy well of Naazhi Kinaru, which is nourished by a spring of fresh water, may be found 100 meters (330 feet) to the south of the temple.

After washing in the sea, devotees partake in a ceremonial cleaning by submerging themselves in water drawn from the well.

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking And History

The Dutch East India Company took control of the Murugan temple at Tiruchendur during the years 1646 and 1648, when they were engaged in a fight with the Portuguese. This occurred at a time when the Dutch and the Portuguese were engaged in combat with one another. The local populace engaged in a number of fruitless efforts to reclaim authority over their sacred shrine.

The Dutch were finally forced to evacuate the shrine after receiving orders to do so from the king of the Naik nation. Despite this, while they were leaving, they took the sculpture with them that showed the two Utsava Murthis and removed it from its display. The Maasi and Aavani tirunals are the only ones in which this specific depiction of the deities is seen. Shanmukhar is the name of the alloy that was used in the construction of the artwork.

They were out at sea when they encountered a heavy storm, and it was at that moment that they saw that taking the murti had been a terrible decision on their part. They threw it out into the middle of the ocean, and they watched as the storm abruptly subsided after they did so. After some time had passed, Senthil Aandavan manifested himself to Vadamaliyappa Pillai in the shape of a dream. Vadamaliyappa Pillai was a devout follower of Murugan.

He divulged to Vadamaliyappa Pillai the coordinates of the spot in the sea where the idol had been discarded after being destroyed. In the year 1653, Vadamlaiyappa Pillai, a priest at the Tiruchendur temple, traveled to the spot where the murti was located using a fishing boat. He brought it back to the temple. The story is painted on murals that can be found inside of the temple and tell the story.

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Thiruchendur Murugan Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking in Detail

Thiruchendur Murugan temple is one of the most famous temples of Lord Murugan temple and daily hundreds of people visit the temple to do the darshan of the main deity.

  • To book online tickets for the darshan in the temple, devotees have to log in to the official website of the Thiruchendur temple.
  • After visiting the official website people have to book the darshan tickets according to the time variations provided.
  • People have to provide all the details that are mentioned on the website.
  • After completion of the payment process ticket will be confirmed for the darshan and people can visit the temple for the darshan at the prescribed time.

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