Murudeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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A well-known temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Murudeshwar Temple can be found 16 km away from Bhatkal. This temple is well-known around the globe for housing the 123-foot-tall Shiva statue which is the world’s second-tallest. The Murudeshwar Temple does not charge any fees for its devotees to access the premises, and darshan is also offered at no cost. See below to get the details about Murudeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Murudeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today and Details:

This majestic temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and may be found in the Indian state of Karnataka. The sheer magnitude of the statue of Lord Shiva at this temple, which is said to be the second tallest in the world, would leave you in awe of its presence. This religious structure was erected on top of Kanduka Hill, which is encircled on three sides by the Arabian Sea. The entrance to the main temple, which is also known as the “gopura,” is located at a height of 123 feet, and the view of the Shiva statue from the top of the gopura is just magnificent.

This temple is covered with carvings that are among the most elaborate and detailed that you will ever see, and the sculptures span the whole surface. Everything inside the temple’s complex has been updated, with the exception of the sanctum sanctorum, which has been preserved in its original shape. The Sri Mridesa Linga, which is said to have originated as a piece of the more ancient Atma Linga, serves as the primary deity of the temple.

Murudeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Murudeshwar temple daily opens in the morning at 4.00 AM and closes at night at 8.30 PM

The statue of Shiva that is located here is incredibly amazing, and after seeing it, you will undoubtedly get a feeling of humbling serenity. This wonderful monument is the ideal way to pay homage to a god that is revered in nations far and wide. Many different cultures honor this god in very high esteem.

According to urban legend, the Atma Linga, also known as the Soul of Shiva, was the object that held the secret of invincibility and immortality. Ravana, King of the Demons, made the decision to get it, and he prayed fervently to Lord Shiva in order to do so. Shiva, pleased by his devotion, bestowed upon him the Atma Linga, but with the stipulation that it must not be deposited on the ground until he arrived in Lanka.

However, Lord Ganesh and Lord Vishnu conned him into placing the Linga on the ground, after which it became bonded to the earth and was unable to be moved. Ravana, consumed with rage, made an attempt to destroy the Linga, but the power of his onslaught only succeeded in scattering the Linga to other areas, which led to the formation of several holy sites throughout the nation, one of which was Murudeshwar.

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Murudeshwar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today And History:

When you pay a visit to the Murudeshwara Temple, you will not be required to pay an admission charge. On the other hand, there is a possibility that you may be required to pay a fee for a specific kind of pooja if you want it to be performed at the temple on your behalf. For instance, there is a charge of Rs. 55 that must be paid in order to participate in the devotional service known as “Rudrabhisekam.”

Every day, the temple opens at three in the morning and reopens after being closed for two hours for lunch. It reopens at three in the afternoon and stays open until eight in the evening. Darshan, or a visit to the temple, may be made at any time throughout these hours by devotees. Nevertheless, the various poojas have distinct times, and you will need to verify them at the temple grounds in order to get a more in-depth understanding of the timetables.


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