Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking Price List Today

Know the details about Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking Price List Today, Guruvayur Temple Vazhipadu price list, Guruvayur Temple Vazhipadu rates 2022

Guruvayoor temple is one of the most famous temples of Lord Guruvayoor in Kerala. Vazhipadu offerings are one of the most famous and also the most preferred offerings by the pilgrims who visit Guruvayoor temple. Vazhipadu offering is very famous and almost all the pilgrims prefer to offer Vazhipadu offerings to Lord Guruvayoor in the temple. The other meaning of Vazhipadu seva is offerings Naivedhyam to the Lord directly. Devotees who participate in this seva feel like they have offered all the prasadam which they want to offer to Lord Guruvayoor directly. That’s the reason most of the devotees visiting Guruvayoor temple prefer Vazhipadu seva. Check below to get details about the Guruvayur Temple Vazhipadu price list for Online booking.

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Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Online Booking Price List Today

Devotees of Lord Krishna who had prayed for Vazhipadu Offerings in the Guruvayoor temple will be visiting the temple of Lord Guruvayoor in Kerala to complete their offerings. The pilgrims who want to offer Vazhipadu offerings in the temple in Kerala can go to the temple directly and can offer their Vazhipadu offerings. The Guruvayoor temple Organisation has prepared a simple procedure to offer Vazhipadu offerings in the temple for the convenience of the pilgrims. There is no advance booking for the Vazhipadu seva in the Guruvayoor temple and pilgrims can directly go to the temple and can offer the Vazhopadu. In recent times Guruvayoor Devaswom has prepared an online booking facility for Vazhipadu seva and pilgrims can book the Vazhipadu seva tickets online.

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Items Price List:

S.noItemQuantity and Price
01Palpayasam1 Ltr – Rs 100
02Neipayasam1 LtrĀ  – Rs 140
03AppamRs 20
04AdaRs 20
05AvilRs 12
06ButterĀ Rs 15
07UndamalaRs 50
08Sugar PlantainRs 15
09ThirumudimalaRs 15

The above list shows some of the main items that are offered to Lord Guruvayoor in the Vazhipadu offerings. Devotees can get full details of Vazhipadu offerings at the temple counter itself.

Pilgrims can book the Vazhipadu offerings online from Guruvayoor temple official website

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