Atla Taddi 2022 Date Time And Pooja Procedure Telugu

know the details about Atla Taddi Noomu and also know about Atla Taddi 2022 Date Time And Pooja Procedure Telugu Panchangam, Telugu Calendar Puja 2022

What is Atla Taddi Nomu?

Atla Taddi is one of the important festivals celebrated in India by women. Atla Taddi is celebrated throughout the country with different names. In Southern India, this is called Atla Taddi and in Northern India, this festival is called Karwa Chauth. Atla Taddi is mainly celebrated by married women for the longevity of their Husbands. According to the Telugu calendar, Atla Taddi is celebrated in the month of Aswayuja and mainly it falls in the month of September-October.

basically on the day of Atla Taddi all married women who are performing this festival observe fasting and in the evening after seeing the moon in the sky women break their fast by eating Atlu (mini dosa).

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Atla Taddi 2022 Date Time And Pooja Procedure Telugu

According to the Puranas, the Atla Taddi festival is advised by Goddess Durga for all unmarried women to get a handsome and nice husband. According to the story in Puranas, once there was a little princess in the Kingdom and she started to perform Atla Taddi Vratham for the sake of good looking husband. but the princess fainted in the middle of the fasting, and in order to break her fast, her brothers showed her an artificial light and made her believe that the light is from the moon and that now the princess can break the fast. By believing their words Princess took some food and completed the vratham before the prescribed time.

After so many years when the princess was ready to marry no young groom came to marry her, and finally, her brothers arranged her marriage to an old guy. Knowing this princess fled to the forest and she started crying sitting under a Banyan tree. At that time, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared before the girl and told her about the mistake she has unknowingly committed during her childhood. After that again the princess performed Atla Taddi without skipping any rituals and got married to a young and handsome guy.

Atla Taddi 2022 Date And Timings:

  • This Year, Atla Taddi is celebrated on October 12, 2022, Wednesday.
  • Moonrise and fasting break timings are 7.30 PM


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