Atla Taddi Dosa Prasadam Preparation for Puja Nomu 2022

Know the details about Atlu Taddi Festival and also Atla Taddi Dosa Prasadam Preparation for Puja Nomu 2022, How to Prepare Prasadam, and Things Needed for that.

Atla Taddi Festival :

Atla Taddi festival is one of the famous festivals celebrated exclusively by women. This festival is celebrated by both married and unmarried women. Married women perform Atla Taddi Nomu for the longevity of their husbands and unmarried women perform this Atla Taddi Pooja to get a handsome and nice husband. During the festival of Atla Taddi, all the women observe fasting and in the evening after seeing the moon in the sky, women break their fast by eating small Atlu otherwise called Mini Dosa. Check below for all the details about Atla Taddi Atla Dosa Recipe.

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How to Prepare Atla Taddi Atla Dosa Recipe in Telugu?

Atla dosa is one of the important food items that are prepared on the day of Atla Taddi. On the evening of Atla Taddi after seeing the moon women who are performing the fasting prepare these Atla Dosa and offer it as Naivedhyam to the Goddess Parvathi Devi and later all the women will have breakfast by eating those Atlu. Check below for ingredients needed to prepare Atla Dosa Recipe.

Things Needed – Ingredients for Atla Dosa:

  1. 2 glasses of rice flour
  2. 1 glass of urad dal
  3. 1/2 spoon of fenugreek seeds
  4. 200 Gm of ghee
  5. salt

Atla Taddi Dosa Prasadam Preparation for Puja Nomu 2022

  1. Urad dal and rice should be soaked in the water 3 hours before preparation of Atla Dosa.
  2. After soaking Rice and Urad dal should be ground well nicely just as regular dosa batter.
  3. After that salt should be added to the batter according to its quantity.
  4. After that, Atlu Dosa will be prepared with that batter and offered as Naivedhyam to Goddess Parvathi Devi
  5. All women will eat this and break their fast after seeing the moon in the sky.


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