Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online Procedure

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One of the most well-known Hindu temples, also known as the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple or the Antarvedi Temple, the Antarvedi Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is devoted to the deity Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. It is located in Antarvedi, Andhra Pradesh, which is around 109 kilometers away from Rajahmundry. Antarvedi is a significant religious destination and is also known as “Dakshina Kashi,” which means “Kashi of the South.” See below to get the details about Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online

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Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online Procedure

2005 and 2006 were the years in which the construction of this temple took place. This Mahameru Sahita Sri Kurma pratishtapana is located in the vicinity of the Sri Narashima Swamy temple in Vasishta Devalayam. The structure is designed in the shape of a circle, and it is 54 feet tall. According to legend, the Sri chakram is always maintained at the same depth, which is 54.

To get to the first floor, one needs to ascend a short flight of stairs. The Saligrama tortoise, a holy Gandaki river stone that is considered to be a specific Avatara of Maha Vishnu and is usually placed alongside Tulasi, may be seen here (signifying Goddess Lakshmi). This Saligrama serves as the foundation for the Emerald Maha Meru, which was built there.

One is fortunate enough to be able to enter the sanctuary, and when one does so, one may view Dashavataram sculptures made of Saligrahama stone that have been set around the space. These sculptures represent the ten incarnations of the Lord. One may get a glimpse of the Saptha Maharishis if they go to the second level.

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Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online Procedure

Every year, on the day before Bhishma Ekadashi, also known as Dashami, which is observed on the Magha Shukla Ekadashi (Eleventh Day) in the month of Magha Masam (February), the Lord Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Kalyanotsavam (divine wedding of Lord Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Goddess Lakshmi Devi) is celebrated with much enthusiasm.

On the day that is designated as Bhishma Ekadashi, a celebration known as Rath Yatra is held. Huge hundreds of devotees congregate to see the Divine Wedding and to cleanse their souls in the sangamam (Saptha Sagara Sangamam). During November, the Deity of Narasimha Swamy is shown in the temple without any of the jewels, clothes, or chandanam (sandal paste) that would normally be used to embellish the Lord’s Form. A great number of worshippers attend the temple during this time.

The month of Phalguna, which is roughly equivalent to January, is when the procession of the chariot of the Lord takes place. In addition, celebrations of Dole Pournami are held, and it is on these occasions that the panchamrita abhishekam rituals that demonstrate devotion to the Lord are carried out. Additional celebrations like Sri Venkateswara Swamy kalyanam and Sri Narasimha Jayanthi are held here. Sri Venkateswara Swamy kalyanam takes place on Jyeshta Sudha Ekadasi, while Sri Narasimha Jayanthi takes place on Vysakha Sudha Chaturdasi.

Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online Procedure and Boat Ride Details:

Ferries (boats) are available for hire, and one may use them to go to the other side of the river, where there is a tiny island, as well as to the point where the river meets the ocean. Tourists and pilgrims alike can take use of this service. In the shoulder seasons, one may make use of the ferry service for a charge that is much lower than in the high seasons, when the fee skyrockets.

The price is variable depending on the total number of guests. If there are just a select few persons who are interested in going to the island, a small fee of INR 350 will be paid. If there are more than the stated number of individuals, there will be an additional fee of INR 50 for each person.

Antarvedi Temple Donation Benefits Online Procedure

  • Antarvedi temple daily hundreds of people visit Temple to do darshan of the main deity and to seek the blessings of the deity.
  • People will offer various types of donations as Mokkubadi in the temple.
  • Mostly Annadanam donations are offered in large numbers by the devotees.
  • Devotees will be given instructions at the temple counter on how to donate money to the temple.
  • If devotees want to donate money online, then devotees have to log in to the official website of the Antarvedi temple


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