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The Sage Sounaka and his disciples gathered in Naimisaranya during the Kritayuga to practice Satrayaga in their spare time. During the time, they listened to Suta, a Quranic storyteller, to learn about the significant temples and mosques of ancient India. One day they went up to him and said, “Tell us about the splendor and significance of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha and the Antarvedi Temple.” Retelling the story, which had originally been told by Lord Brahma to Sage Narada, afforded Suta much pleasure.

In answer to Narada’s question about the background of the Antarvedi, Lord Brahma provided the following explanation. Sage Vasista built his ashram when the Godavari River’s Goutam Branch was diverted to the ocean. To clear his name of the wrongdoing done against Lord Sankara, Lord Brahma performed the Rudrayaga rite and installed Lord Neela Kantheswara in that location.

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Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple Darshan Tickets Cost Online Booking and History

The fact that it was transformed into a vedik (stage) for the yaga performance led to its renaming as Antarvehi. Vasistha River banks are the site in question. Eventually, Raktavilochana, son of Hiranyaksha, decided to placate Lord Siva and earn his Favor by enduring a ten thousand-year penance on the banks of the Vasishta river.

Lord Sanjara had come to stand before him after seeing his sincerity in seeking forgiveness. He promised him that he would give him his heart’s desire. Raktavilochana questioned whether or not the number of Rakshasas created from the sand particles soaked by the blood drops that fell from his body during battle would be equal to the number of Rakshasas killed during the battle, and whether or not these Rakshasas would aid him in his efforts and eventually merge with him. To which he confirmed that this was really the case.

Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple Darshan Tickets Cost Online Booking and The five most important spots:

  • Punya Theertham Water Body
  • Indicative of the Sagar Sangam
  • The Vasishta is a river in India.
  • River Raktakulya
  • In the Chakrateertham (in Sanskrit)

Those who visit these places for a swim or make philanthropic donations will not have another child. Paying homage to one’s ancestors by visiting this holy location is equivalent to doing so at Gaya or the Ganges. Anyone who goes near this place will be rewarded with good fortune. The dole pournami celebration in the month of Phalguna (January) and the procession of Lord Narasimha’s chariot in the same month bring people from all around, even as far as Varanasi (March).

After it is finished, the worship service known as panchamrita abhishekam is offered to the Lord. The Mukti Kshetra is another name for this holy site since it bestows Mukti to its believers. The name “Narasimhakshetra” for the city of Antarvedi is another name for the Lord.┬áThe ocean forms the eastern and southern boundaries of the region of Antarvedi, while the Godavari and Raktakulya rivers form the western and northern ones, respectively.

It covers an area of around four square miles. This location may be found in the East Godavari District, specifically in the Razole Tq. Transport services have been optimized to accommodate the needs of pilgrims traveling long distances to attend the annual Mela hosted there. It seems that during the Mela time in the Kaliyuga, Antarvedi takes the place of Vaikuntha. Around nine days are dedicated to the Mela celebration. One hundred eight different temples honor Lord Narasimha.

It is said that Antarvedi has replaced Varanasi as the holiest city in India because of the Lord’s favor upon it. Nearby residents of the shrine are worried about either floods or drought. If the pilgrims’ intentions are sincere, they will be rewarded with a successful pilgrimage. There is, however, no cap to the temple’s boundless opulence.

Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple Darshan Tickets Cost Online Booking

  • Visit the Temple’s Website through the link
  • Click on Poojas Tab Section and Select the Pooja or Darshan type
  • Select the Number of persons
  • Click on Pay Now Online or check the Bank Account details there
  • Do Online Payments for the darshan Tickets
  • Go to the temple and have the darshan

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