Antarvedi Temple Kalyanam Timings Tickets Online Booking

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Antharvedi can be reached from Kakinada by travelling 130 kilometres, Rajahmundry by travelling 100 kilometres, and Amalapuram by travelling 65 kilometres. During the Kritayuga, Sage Sounaka and his contemporaries converged at Naimisaranya to carry out Satrayaga. In their spare time, they would listen to Suta, who would educate them about the illustrious and important historical shrines that could be found in India. They approached him one day with the question, “Tell us about the magnificence and importance of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha and the Antarvedi Temple.” Suta relished the opportunity to retell the tale, which had first been relayed to Sage Narada by Lord Brahma. See below to get the details about Antarvedi Temple Kalyanam Timings Tickets Online Booking

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Antarvedi Temple Kalyanam Timings Tickets Online Booking

Antarvedi is a significant pilgrim centre that may sometimes be referred to as “Dakshina Kashi” (which translates to “Kashi of the South”) It is located in the East Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state in India, which is in the interior section of the East coast. Lord Brahma had to execute Rudrayaga and place Lord Neela Kantheswara there to be absolved of the crimes he had done against Lord Sankara. These sins had been committed intentionally.

The term “ANTARVEDI” was given to that location because it was transformed into a stage, also known as a “Vedik,” to carry out the Yagam. A tiny hamlet in the Sakhinetipalle Mandal, it is adjacent to Narsapur and is situated close to the Bay of Bengal Coast and the Vashishtha River. According to Hindu mythology, one of the Sapthrishis, or seven great sages, Maharishi Vashishtha is credited with being the one who brought this river into being.

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Antarvedi Temple Kalyanam Timings Tickets Online Booking

People go from all over the world to see this rare natural phenomenon, which occurs when the Bay of Bengal and the Vashishtha River, which is a tributary of the Godavari River, come together and merge into one body of water. It is known as “Sapta Sagara Sangam Pradesam” and also as “Anna Chelli Gattu,” and it is the point of confluence where the powerful Bay of Bengal meets the Vashishtha River.

The holy darshan of Lord Narasimha is sought each day by thousands upon thousands of worshippers at the Antarvedi Temple. Festivals such as Bhishma Ekadashi, Dhanurmasam, and Swathi Naksthram Day are observed and celebrated regularly in Antarvedi Temple. Antarvedi Temple Timings, including Aarti Timings, Darshan Timings, Pooja Timings, and Abhishekam Timings, as well as Antarvedi Temple Opening and Closing Times, should be checked by devotees to ensure a seamless darshan experience.

Antarvedi Temple Kalyanam Timings Tickets Online Booking

Every year, on the day before Bhishma Ekadashi, also known as Dashami, which is observed on the Magha Shukla Ekadashi (Eleventh Day) in the month of Magha Masam (February), the Lord Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Kalyanotsavam (divine wedding of Lord Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Goddess Lakshmi Devi) is celebrated with much enthusiasm. Rath Yatra is a festival that is observed on the Bhishma Ekadashi. Large numbers of devotees gather to see the Celestial Wedding and to purify themselves in the Sangamam.

  • Kalyanotsavam in the Antarvedi temple will be performed in the morning from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM.
  • Pilgrims can participate in this Kalyanam process by purchasing special Kalyanam tickets.
  • Kalyanothsavam tickets will be purchased from the temple only, there is no online booking
  • People can buy Kalyanotsvam tickets from the temple ticket counter
  • The ticket cost for Antarvedi temple Kalyanotsavan is Rs 1116 and couples are allowed to participate in the Kalyanotsavam on one ticket.



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