Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Vratham Telugu PDF Pooja Vidhanam

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Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturdashi is meant for the worship of Ananta. Then it got the name Ananta Padmanabha Chaturdashi. Dra Janati’s activities are called Anantavrata. Ananta is one of the names of Lord Vishnu, one of the three forms. Smriti Darpana gives importance to the Ananta Chaturdashi Vrata in today’s Vratas. In Chaturvarga Chintamani today Pali Chaturlathi Vratam and Kadalivratam should be performed. In Utkaladesam it is called Ahora Chaturdashi, Amader Jyotishi, Chaturdashi with Trayodashi is not useful.

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Chaturdashi with Purnima is important for this vrata. Ananta Vrata is mentioned in Bhavishyottara Puranas and Tidhi is mentioned in Hemadri. This is one of the rituals practiced by Indians. Chaturdashi is important for this ritual. Poornima Ghadiyas, however small, are best for this Vrat. The three important parts of Anant’s Vrat are 1. Yamunajala Puja 2. Anant’s Puja 3. Pratisara Puja

Ananta means Adiseshu, Vishnu and Rudra have three meanings. But here it is Adiseshu who is the bearer of paper Bhoomi to Vishnu who receives the puja. A seven-legged snake is painted with lotus flour. There is also the making of a snake figure with darbhas. A Kalash is placed on top of this. In the puja mantras, there are three words: Sahasrasirasena, Fanispappatabhiravistam. Toram should be worshiped by placing the toram in front of Ananta. It should have fourteen thorns. It should be saffron. Before starting the puja, one should wear the old toram of the previous year. That snake, which is Panpu, has seven legs (half of fourteen). Fourteenth. Toram is filled with fourteen pothas. Fourteen glands for that toram. It is customary to perform puja with fourteen types of patri, to keep fourteen types of fruits and fourteen types of bread for the offering. It is customary to use fourteen atirasas for Vayana’s donation. With wheat flour. Twenty-eight (two fourteen) Atirasamus are to be performed. Vrata should be performed once in fourteen years. And in the Patri, the most important of the teeth to be used for the puja are moghal, tulsi, and tulsi forces are used for a Sahasram Puja today.

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