Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule

Know the details about the Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule, 2023 Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival date and timings

The Acharya Mutt is responsible for putting on the annual celebration known as the Mangalore Dasara in the city of Mangalore in India. It is also known as the Vijayadashami Festival and the Navarathri Festival. The highlights of the performance include the tiger dance, the lion dance, and the bear dance. During the course of the event, which lasts for ten days, the city is illuminated with lights. See below to get the details about the Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule

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Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule

The trust that oversees the Kudroli temple makes sure that the “Gangavatharana,” in which water from the Ganges pours from the crown of Shiva, is functioning during the nine days of Navratri. The depiction has a water jet that can reach heights of up to one hundred feet, in addition to four different colored statues of Shiva that are each thirteen feet tall. A Shivalingam will start to take shape as soon as the water levels on each of the four sides reach their maximum height.

The procession starts out in the evening of Vijaya Dashami at the Kudroli Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, and it will conclude at the same location in the early hours of the following day with the immersion of the idols in the Pushkarini pond that is located inside the temple complex. During the procession, idols of the ‘Navadurgas’, as well as Mahaganapathi and Sharada, are carried.

The procession is also accompanied by flowers, decorative umbrellas, tableaux, bands, Chende and traditional dances, folk dances, Yakshagana characters, Dollu Kunitha, Gombe (dolls), Pilinalike (Huli Vesha), and other traditional art forms. The parade route takes participants past some of the most important thoroughfares in the city, such as Kudroli, Mannagudda, Ladyhill, Lalbagh, K S Rao Road, Hampanakatta, Car Street, and Alake.

Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule

The Kudroli Shri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple is the principal venue of the Mangalore Dasara. However, Mangalore Dasara may also be referred to as the collection of festivities and activities that are held by temples such as Mangaladevi, Sri Venkatramana Temple, and Sri Jodumutt, amongst others. There are several different Sharada Pooja committees, all of which are responsible for organizing Sharada Pooja events.

To name a few, there is the Rathabeedi Balakara Mutt, the Brahma Vidya Prabodhini Shree Sharada Pooja Mahotsava Jodumutt, and the Sarvajanika Shree Sharada Pooja Mahotsava Acharya Mutt. Shri Sharada Yuvaka Vrinda Dongerkeri, Sharada Mahotsava Gokarna Mutt, Tank Colony Sharada Mahotsava, V.T.Road Balakara Vrinda, and so on are some of the other names for this temple.

Kudroli Temple Dasara Festival 2023 Date And Schedule

What is the Pilinalike?

One of the traditional dances that is done at Dasara is called Royal Pilinalike. Young guys will often band together in groups of five to 10. They have their faces painted and dress up like tigers, and their band has anything from two to three drummers. The name of the band written in Tulu is Thaase.

The group’s manager is traveling with this contingent as they travel. These soldiers, accompanied by the rhythmic beating of their bands’ drums, will be marching through the streets of their respective cities. After performing for around 10 minutes at various houses, places of business, or on the side of the road, they stop to collect some money from the people who have seen their act. Pilinalike is a ritual that is conducted in honor of the goddess Sharada, the tiger being Sharada’s favorite animal.




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