TTD Tirumala SV Museum Entry Ticket Fee and Timings Today

See below for TTD Tirumala SV Museum Entry Ticket Fee and Timings Today, Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Museum Timings and Ticket Details here.

In Tirumala’s Thousand Piller Mandapam, which is directly across from the main holy place, the Hall of Antiques (ancient items) was initially constructed in 1980. The S.V. Museum is currently housed in a large, 1.25 lakh square foot facility that is situated next to the Vaikuntham Queue Complex in the vibrant Tirumala neighbourhood and is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. On their way to the shrine, pilgrims find it to be a joyful destination. In this museum, the customs of Tirumala, Vaishnavism and Hindu culture have been shown. There are stored more than 6000 historical artefacts that date from the very beginning to the present. The collections are broken down into twelve categories, ranging from archaeology to contemporary artefacts.

How to reach Tirumala SV Museum?

In Tirumala, free buses (Srivari Dharma Ratham) will be available to transport you to the museum. The SV Museum does not charge admission.

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TTD Tirumala SV Museum Entry Ticket Fee and Timings Today

  • The SV Museum is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm in Tirumala. Every day of the week, but Sunday it will open from 10 am to 5 pm, entry is available and it’s free of cost.
  • During his seven personal visits to Tirumala in the sixteenth century A.D., Sri Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire give dozens of magnificent (attractive ) decorations made of stones, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls. In the museum is the Dhupa-Ganta, which Sri Krishnadeva Raya presented to a priest in Tirumala. The museum has this precious item on display.
  • More than 80 exquisite (attractive) images from the 8th to the 19th century AD have been discovered locally and are shown in the stone gallery. The majority of these stone sculptures talk about how Vaishnavism developed in the region. The musical instrument collection contains a huge assortment (a group of different things) of historical instruments.

Reasons to visit the Tirumala Sri Venkateshwara Museum include:

The photographic gallery on the third level displays ancient photographs of the temple, holy jewellery, and some modern artwork with Srinivasa and Tirumala.

  • Swords, shields, battle axes, firearms, and other historical weapons from the mediaeval and colonial centuries are shown in the armoury department.
  • The museum places high importance on the Alwar’s contributions because they were instrumental in the establishment of Vaishnavism in the south. The front small covered area at the entrance of the museum is more attractive on both sides with Alwar stone carvings.
  • Nutcrackers, idols from antiquity, and other items can be found in the bronze section. The open galleries of the museum are adorned (attractive) with large iron bells, and massive pulleys used to elevate stones for temple construction. The Hundi of the temple has received several gold and silver coins that date from the Roman Empire through the British era. The museum displays each of these coins. The superscripted inscriptions on the walls of Tirumala Temple are well known. More than a thousand that detail the history of the temple over a 1500-year span are imprinted and displayed in the museum’s outside exhibit.
  • The S.V. Museum displays its acquisitions, donations, and presents received from a famous past in a number of galleries. In the Vahanams gallery, a variety of Srivari Vahanams that are utilised during Brahmotsavams is on show. The original copper plates of Annamayya’s compositions attract visitors. The Varahaswamy Copper Inscription, a treasured Tirumala artefact, is accessible to visitors.


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