Tirupati Alipiri Footpath Opening and Closing Timings Today

Know the details about Tirumala Footpath Darshan and related information about the Tirupati Alipiri Footpath Opening and Closing Timings Today

 Tirumala Darshan Timings and Ticket Information

Alipiri is the starting point to reach Tirumala Temple for the devotees who visit the temple by walking. Alipiri is also known as the footpath to walk towards Tirumala Temple stairs. people going to Tirumala temple by walk can go through Alipiri. People who are visiting Tirumala Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple can purchase tickets near Alipiri. There will be a check post near Alipiri and all the baggage of pilgrims are checked here through scanners. Before Pandemic corona, all people are allowed through Alipiri to reach Tirumala Temple. But reopening the darshan facilities in the Tirumala temple after corona, TTD Management is checking the tickets of pilgrims, and then they are allowed in the Alipiri Footway.

There are two famous footpaths to reach Tirumala temple, one is Alipiri and the other is Srivari Mettu. People can reach Tirumala temple by walking or can take the bus provided by TTD. The total distance from Alipiri to Tirumala temple is 8 KM. It takes a minimum of 4 hours to reach Tirumala temple from Alipiri.

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Tirupati Alipiri Footpath Opening and Closing Timings Today

Alipiri Footpath will be opened in the morning from 4.00 AM and closed at the night at 10.00 PM.

The tickets for Special Darshan and free darshan tickets only are available in the Alipiri Footway and Divya darshan tickets are not issued in the Alipiri Footpath. While going to darshan people have to remember to keep a Covid Vaccination certificate copy and their Aadhara card.

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