Tirumala L1 VIP Break Darshan Timings Booking Procedure

See below for Tirumala L1 VIP Break Darshan Timings Booking Procedure, Tirumala VIP Break darshan details, L1 Break darshan Dress code

Tirumala is a holy place where the famous temple of Lord Venkateshwara is located. Tirumala is a hill station and is located in Tirupathi District, Andhra Pradesh state. According to Sanathana Dharma Lord Venkateshwara Swamy is considered  Kaliyuga Daivam. Lakhs of pilgrims visit Tirumala Lord Venkateshwara Swamy temple to offer prayers. Due to the heavy rush, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams provided some break darshans so that devotees can complete their darshan conveniently. 

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Tirumala L1 Break Darshan:

This L1 Break Darshan is also known as VIP break darshan, and it is very difficult to get tickets for L1 Break Darshan. During VIP break darshan devotees will be allowed inside the Tirumala Temple only during the break of regular Darshan types. VIP break darshan is the fastest way of darshan in Tirumala temple. But during festivals and Utsavas VIP break darshan will be canceled. 

Tirumala L1 VIP Break Darshan Timings Booking Procedure

Devotees will be allowed for VIP Break Darshan daily morning at 6 AM. But during times of festivals, there will be a heavy crowd, and people with high recommendation letters will be allowed. 

  • Cost for VIP Break Darshan:
  • Rs 500 per person.

Devotees in the L1 line are allowed first to darshan and it takes around 1 hour for the devotees to complete the darshan. Officials, Higher authorities, and VVIPss who visit in this model will be made to stand in front of the idol and offered Theertham.


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