Airavatesvara Temple Daily Pooja Seva Timings Darshan Details

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The Airavatesvara temple at Darasuram is another magnificent architectural structure that is about an hour away from Thanjavur. This is one of the Great Living Chola Temples that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Airavatesvara temple in Darasuram is the most impressive of the three due to its elaborate carvings. There is little question that the temple, which resembles a chariot drawn by an elephant and a horse and has a number of stairs, is a collection of Dravidian art and culture. See below to get the details about Airavatesvara Temple Daily Pooja Timings

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Airavatesvara Temple Daily Pooja Seva Timings Darshan Details and History

Lord Shiva is honored at this temple. According to tradition, Airavata is Lord Indira’s chariot, and the God Shiva was worshipped here by that elephant. It is a unique elephant with seven trunks and four tusks.

The curse of Sage Durvasa transformed Airavata into a discolored elephant in a way that Indira could not identify. The elephant was only released from the curse after bathing in the hallowed waters of this sanctuary. Yama, the lord of death, who was cursed by a sage and had a burning feeling all over his body, took a swim in this temple’s hallowed tank and was healed.

Yamatheertham is the name given to this temple tank. Between 1146 and 1172 CE, King Rajaraja II of the Chola dynasty erected the temple. Despite the fact that his capital seat was at Gangaikondacholapuram, he spent most of his time in the secondary capital here.

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Airavatesvara Temple Daily Pooja Timings

One of his legacies is the temple at Ayirattali, which became known as the Airavateswarar temple in inscriptions. According to the epigraphist, the temple’s distinctive characteristics include a 73-panel sculpture illustrating the life history of 63 Nayanmars of Saivism, which is extremely unusual in any location.

The temple begins on the eastern side with a major entrance. Despite being in ruins, the Archaeological Survey of India reconstructed it. Palipeeda and Nandi will follow. A series of stone stairs in the Bali Peetam is claimed to emit musical tones. The second tower comes after that. The Rajagambiram Thiru Mandapam comes next.

Airavatesvara Temple Daily Pooja Seva Timings Darshan Details:

Darasuram Airavatesvara Temple is open for visitors from 6 AM to 8 PM, with the main sanctum poojas closed from 12 noon to 4 PM.

Main poojas will be performed to the main deity of the temple in the inner sanctum. Entry fee for the temple is free and pilgrims can directly go inside the temple. Special poojas are offered to the deity and people can also participate in the poojas. Daily timings of the pooja remain constant and the timings change during festivals or any other events. People can confirm the timings of the temple by directly calling to the temple. Airavatesvara Temple’s Official contact number is 04352417157

Another square-plan edifice erected in 1166 CE is the Airavatesvara temple. The remaining inner courtyard consists of almost six stacked squares of 35 meters (115 ft) side, spanning around 107 meters (351 ft) by 70 meters (230 ft). The Nandi mandapa and the Stambha are located outside of the main temple courtyard and are aligned with the east-west axis of the main temple.

The sanctum sanctorum is followed by the Maha Mandapa and Ardha Mandapam. The 47-foot vimana stands on the sanctum sanctorum. The 108 Devara Othuvars, who sang at the temple during the reign of Raja Raja II, are another noteworthy sculpture in the temple. River sculptures include the Cauvery, Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, and Narmada.




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