Tirumala Laghu Darshan Timings And Online Booking

Tirumala Laghu Darshan Timings And Online Booking

Know all the information about Tirumala temple Laghu Darshan Timings And Laghu Darshan Tickets Online Booking

Tirumala Laghu Darshan:

Tirumala temple is one of the most famous temples and also the most crowded temple in India. People from all places visit Tirumala temple to do the darshan of the Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. Due to the heavy crowd, more time will be taken to reach the inner walls of the temple. So for the facility of all the pilgrims, TTD Management has provided various darshan forms to do the darshan of the main deity in less time. Check below for detailed information about Tirumala Laghu Darshan timings And Online Booking.

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Tirumala Laghu darshan Timings:

There are two different ways in TTD Laghu darshan. They are

  1. Maha Laghu Darshan
  2. Laghu Darshan

Maha Laghu Darshan is done when there is a heavy crowd or on days of public holidays or on any other events. This is the fastest way of darshan and in this Maha Laghu Darshan people can do the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy from a distance of 50 ft.

Laghu darshan is better than Maha Laghu darshan and people can do the darshan of the main deity from the third door of the main temple in Tirumala. Laghu darshan is done every day. People can see the main deity in the inner sanctum for about 30-40 Seconds. VIP devotees can get Laghu Darshan tickets. To get Laghu darshan Tickets people have to take a recommendation letter.

Tirumala Laghu Darshan Tickets Online Ticket Booking:

Tirumala laghu Darshan Ticket will be booked through Online. It is the easier and fastest darshan for all the VIP devotees. To book Laghu Darshan Tickets online people have to log in to thee Temples Official website


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