Must Visit Places Near Kedarnath Temple

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Kedarnath is considered to be one of the holiest and most revered pilgrimage destinations for Hindus in all of India. The pilgrimage to Kedarnath, which is included in the Chhota Char Dham Yatra and takes place in Uttarakhand, is considered to be one of the most significant of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas, which are shrines devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. See below to get the details about Must Visit Places Near Kedarnath Temple

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Must Visit Places Near Kedarnath Temple:

1. SonPrayag:

Atop 1829 m. On the banks of the confluence where the rivers Mandakini and Basuki meet is a little village known as Sonprayag. In the hope of reaching nirvana, devotees purify themselves by immersing themselves in the sacred waters.

2. Vasuki Tal:

Vasuki Tal is a lake that is located at an elevation of 4135 meters and provides a view of the Chaukhamba hills that are nearby. Those who like hiking or trekking would find this to be a wonderful range to hike up. On the way to the lake, you’ll come across both the Chaturanga and the Vasuki glaciers.

3. Sri Sankaracharya Samadhi:

It is said that Sri Sankaracharya, the proponent of the Adwaita Philosophy who reached Nirvana at the age of 32 here, founded this sacred shrine and made it one of his four Mathas in the 8th century.

4. Bhairavanath Temple:

The venerated Hindu deity known as Lord Bhairav is housed inside the Bhairavnath Temple, which can be found on the southern side of the Kedarnath Temple and is located around 500 meters away. It is positioned on the summit of a hillside and provides breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan range and the Kedarnath valley below it.

It is widely held that Lord Bhairav is Lord Shiva’s primary gana; hence, the temple has an even greater significance due to this belief. The god that is enshrined inside the temple is also referred to as Kshetrapal, which means “guardian of the region.” He wields a Trishul as a weapon and rides a dog as his mode of transportation.

Must Visit Places Near Kedarnath Temple Must See:

5. Chandrashila:

At an altitude of 3679 meters. With the exception of the months of December and January, Chandrashila is a fantastic destination for hiking and skiing throughout the whole year. On the summit of this mountain is a shrine dedicated to Shiva.

6. Chorabari Lake:

Chorabari Lake is a picturesque lake in Uttarakhand, and it is also known by the name Gandhi Tal. It is situated around three kilometers away from the Kedarnath Temple in the state of Uttarakhand. In addition to the faithful visitors who come every day, the lake’s dazzling beauty brings in a large number of tourists from far and wide.

7. Gupta Kashi:

This location is well known for the temples of Ardhnarishwar and Vishwanath Ji. It is around 49 km away from the Kedarnath Temple. Located at an altitude that is 1319 meters above the level of the sea.

8. GauriKund:

The pilgrimage to Kedarnath starts in Gaurikund in Guptakashi, which is noteworthy for being both the starting place and the last road ahead before the journey begins. Important local features include the Gaurikund Temple and the Gauri Lake, which are both situated at an elevation of around 2,000 meters above sea level.

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