Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

Know the details about Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking, Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan ticket cost and booking

There is a temple in India called the Kotilingeshwara Temple that is located in the hamlet of Kammasandra in the Kolar district of Karnataka. This temple is considered to be one of the most well-known temples in India. The deity known as Lord Shiva is the focus of devotion at this particular church. See below to get the details about Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

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Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

The word “Koti” is used to refer to one crore in Kannada, and the term “Kotilingeshwara” is comparable to one crore Shivalinga images. In addition to the presence of over ninety million additional Shivalingas of varying sizes, this place is also home to the temple that is home to the Shivalinga that is the tallest in the whole world.

The Shivalinga, which stands at a height of 33 meters, and Lord Nandi, which stands at 11 meters and symbolizes the bull, are the two principal attractions that can be seen inside the temple. At the temple, donations of Shivalingas of different sizes are eagerly received and appreciated. It is possible to have the donor’s name inscribed on these Shivalingas so that they may be placed in a public place.

Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

Kotilingeshwara Temple opens in the morning at 6:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM

Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan ticket cost:

  • Normal ticket cost- Rs 20
  • Camera permission cost- Rs 100
  • Linga Prathistha Puja- Rs 7000.
  • Children under 14 years old are allowed to take the free darshan.
  • People can take normal free darshan from 9;30 AM to 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

It was Swami Sambha Shiva Murthy who thought of the temple and supervised its building in the year 1980. He was also the one who oversaw its construction. The road that goes to the temple is easily accessible and can be accessed with quite a low level of difficulty. The temple is situated in Kammasanadra, which is a small hamlet in the Kolar District.

Millions of tourists visit the holy site during the Maha Shivaratri festival, despite the fact that the temple receives a large number of daily visitors. It is common for the festival of Shivaratri, which is a celebration that is dedicated to Lord Shiva, to take place around the month of February or March.

Eleven smaller temples are dedicated to other deities, including Lord Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh, Rama, Goddess Annapoorneshwari, Goddess Karumaari Amma, Lord Venkataramani Swamy, Lord Panduranga Swamy, Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana Temple, Lord Panchamukha Ganapathy, Lord Anjaneya, and the Goddess Kannika Parameshwari Temple. These temples are smaller than the larger ones. Every single one of these temples may be found on the same actual property.

Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Darshan Ticket Price Booking

By Road:

Temple is located 87 kilometers away from Whitefield via road.

By Bus:

It is possible to take the direct buses that depart from the Majestic and K R Puram bus stations. These buses operate at a high frequency.

By Plane:

The Bangalore Airport, which is located 76 kilometers away, is the closest airport to the location.

By Train:

The temple is located 15 kilometers away from the Bangarpet railway connection, which is the closest railway junction.




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