Navaratri Durga Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu PDF

See below for Navaratri Durga Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu PDF, Dasara Navaratri Special Pooja Vidhi, Dussera Puja Vidhi TeluguĀ 

Navaratri Durga Pooja Vidhanam:

Dasara Navaratri festival is a 10 – days festival celebrated in all parts of India. Dasara festival will be celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. But the Dasara festival will be celebrated in different parts of the country with different names. In the Dasara festival, Goddess Durga is worshipped in a special way. As the name of the festival indicates 9 – days, Goddess Durga will be decorated in 9 – forms. people worship various forms of Goddess Durga in the Dasara festival with great attention.

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Navaratri Durga Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu Pdf

Navaratri festival is considered one of the biggest and most important festivals celebrated in India. It is believed that performing the Navaratri festival and Durga Pooja will improve health, wealth, and prosperity. Goddess Durga Devi is also considered another Roopa of Shakthi and performing Durga pooja in the Navaratri festival is considered auspicious and believed to remove negative energy in one’s life.

During the Dasara Navaratri festival, Goddess Durga is offered pooja in 9 various forms and the last day is celebrated as Dasara/Vijaya Dashami. These 9 various forms of Goddess Durga has their own significance. Each Roopa/Avatar has its own story and various Pooja rituals.

In some people’s light Akhanda deep in their houses and perform pooja to Goddess Durga in their own ways. In some parts, the main festival starts in the last 4 – days of the Navaratri festival. Saraswathi Pooja and Ayudha pooja are also performed in this Navaratri festival. In Navaratri 8th day is celebrated as Durgasthami, the 9th day is celebrated as maharnavami and the 10th day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashami.

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