Mattu Pongal 2024 Date Timings Tamil Calendar

Know the details about Mattu Pongal 2024 Date Timings Tamil Calendar, 2024 Mattu Pongal date and timings, 2024 Mattu Pongal festival date timings and significance

The Pongal celebration lasts for a total of four days, with the third day being known as Mattu Pongal. According to the Gregorian calendar, this holiday falls on January 16. Even though the holiday is celebrated in other southern Indian states with names that are not associated with Tamil Nadu, such as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the name of the festival is unique to Tamil Nadu. See below to get the details about Mattu Pongal 2024 Date Timings Tamil Calendar

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Mattu Pongal 2024 Date Timings Tamil Calendar

When is the Mattu Pongal festival celebrated in the year 2024?

In 2024, the Mattu Pongal festival will be celebrated on January 16, 2024.

The word “Mattu” in Tamil translates to a bull, and the festival known as Pongal, which takes place the next day on January 15, is a celebration of cattle in general and bulls in particular because of the significant role they play in supporting farmers in producing crops on their fields. The holiday is also known as the Thai New Year.

The Tamil people, who have always lived on the island of Sri Lanka, also take part in the festivities surrounding this anniversary.

On the day of the festival, there is a special occasion in which people of all different castes and creeds, as well as the landlord and the peasant, the affluent and the poor, the old and the young, eat together in the spirit of kindness and without any limits based on caste or creed. This occurs without any restrictions based on caste or faith.

Because of this, the festival provides a chance for the newly gathered harvests from the fields to be distributed in the form of food and sweets not only to humans but also to animals and birds. This is done in celebration of the event’s significance. In addition to this, it illustrates the change that occurs from one season to the next.

Mattu Pongal 2024 Date Timings Tamil Calendar

Rituals followed on the Mattu Pongal:

On the holiday of Maatu Pongal, residents would decorate their front yards with brightly colored pictures of cows or bulls.
Cows and oxen are given baths, and then the tips of their horns are painted with colors that are brilliant and vivid. Beads, flower garlands, and jingling bells are strung around their necks to beautify them in this way.

The masters of the livestock use turmeric water mixed with mango leaves to protect the cattle from any harmful influences in their environment and to maintain the animals in good condition.
Both Lord Krishna and Lord Indra are revered by their followers in the hope that they will protect their animals.

After the “Sakkarai Pongal,” a special sweet meal composed of uncooked rice, lentils, jaggery (cane sugar), and dried fruits, is presented to the cattle, it is then distributed as Prasad to everyone else.
On this day, the children of the villages compete in a game known as “Manjuvirattu” or “Jallikattu,” in which they attempt to tame wild bulls in order to earn the money that is attached to their horns.

In most cases, it takes place on the evening of Maatu Pongal or the day after, at Kaanum Pongal.




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