Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List

Know the details about Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List, Thiruparankundram Temple daily pooja list, Thiruparankundram Temple official contact number

In Thiruparankundram, Tamil Nadu, India has located the Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple, which is devoted to the deity Murugan (also known as Kartikeya and Subramaniya Swamy). It is said that the Temple is the first and most important temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. The Temple is one of Murugan’s six abodes. See below to get the details about Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List

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Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List and History:

According to Kanda Puranam, Surpadam was murdered by lord Murugan. According to Hindu tradition, the demon king Surapadam once performed extreme penance in order to win boons from the deity Shiva, and then he proceeded to take control over 1008 different planets.

After establishing his rule from Viramkendiram, a city that he had constructed in the ocean, he began tormenting the devas, who are also known as the gods. He confined Indra, who was the god-king because he sought Indra’s wife, Indrani. In order to get aid, Indra contacted Shiva’s son, the god of battle known as Murugan.

The envoy of Murugan, Viravekutevar, was dispatched to the demon, but the demon was unfazed by his presence. The day when Murugan put an end to Surapadam’s life is commemorated as the Skanda Sashti festival in each and every one of the temples dedicated to Murugan.

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List and Phone Number: 

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple daily opens in the morning at 6.00 AM. Daily so many people visit the temple and do the darshan of the main deity in the inner sanctum of the temple. Daily various Sevas and poojas are offered to the main deity in the temple. People can also participate in these Sevas by taking special tickets. Daily Sevas are performed at the same time daily but during festivals and special days in the temple, the timings will be slightly altered. Some of the daily Sevas that are organized in the temple are:

  •  5.00 AM – Temple opening
  • 5.30 AM – Thiruvananthal
  • 6.00 AM – Darshan
  • 8.00 AM – Kalasanthi
  • 8.30 AM – Darshan
  • 10.00 AM- Tirukka Santhi
  • 10.30 AM – Darshan
  • 12.00 PM – Ucchikala Pooja
  • 1.00 PM – Temple closes
  • 4.00 PM – Temple opens
  • 4.00 PM – Darshan
  • 5.30 PM – Evening Pooja
  • 6.00 PM – Darshan
  • 8.30 PM – Artha Jamam
  • 9.00 PM – Temple closes

Thirupakandram Murugan Temple Official Contact Number:

91- 452- 248 2248, 248 2648, 98653- 70393, 98421- 93244, 94433 – 82946.

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Daily Seva Timings List Details:

At Thiruparankundram, Indra wed Murugan to his daughter Deivayanai as a way of demonstrating his appreciation for all that he had done. According to the heavenly marriage treatise known as Kanthar Anoobothi, Murugan requested that all of the divine angels and gods who attended the wedding go back to heaven in their own vehicles at the speed of thought.

It is said that Murugan, in his guise as Parangirinathar, worshipped Shiva at this location. At the subsequent fight that took place at Thiruparankundram, Murugan was successful in eliminating all of the sons of Surapadam, with the exception of Iraniyan. Later, the deity Murugan murdered Surapadam, who was hiding beneath the water, by slicing him in half. The two halves of Surapadam became the divine vehicles of the god Murugan, a peacock, and a rooster, respectively.

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