Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

Know the details about Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar, 2024 Kanum Pongal dates and timings, 2024 Kaanum Pongal dates timings and significance

The Pongal festival is celebrated over the course of four days, with the fourth and final day being known as Kaanum Pongal or Kanum Pongal. This holiday is observed on January 17 each year in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. Even though the holiday is celebrated in other southern Indian states besides Tamil Nadu, such as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, its name is exclusive to the state of Tamil Nadu. This is due to the fact that the event is very well-liked in South India. See below to get the details about Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

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Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

In honor of Thiruvalluvar, the great medieval Tamil writer, poet, and philosopher famed for penning the world-famous Thirukural, the day of Kaanum Pongal is sometimes celebrated as Thiruvalluvar Day. This is done in recognition of the fact that he was the author of the Thirukural.

In many communities, people also celebrate Thanksgiving on this day, which is also often known as “sightseeing day.” People have the superstitious belief that Kaanum Pongal is a fortunate day on which to make marriage proposals and initiate new partnerships and associations.

Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

On this day, sisters beg God to bless and protect their brothers by praying for their health and well-being, asking him to protect them from harm. On this day, there is also a celebration for the fowl and birds, and on this day, they are given pellets of cooked rice to eat as part of the festivities.

When is the Kaanum festival will be celebrated in 2024?

In 2024, the Kaanum festival will be celebrated on January 17, 2024.

Kaanum Pongal 2024 Dates Timings Tamil Calendar

Significance of the Kaanum Pongal:

There is a connection between Kanum Pongal and Thai Pongal. A significant portion of a Hindu’s life is dedicated to expressing gratitude. Everyone who has been a part of our life receives our respect and gratitude. Our parents, other members of our family, and our teachers are all extremely significant people in our lives.

Additionally, Thiruvalluvar Dinam falls on the same day as today. He was one of the great poets who put Tamil poetry on a higher level than it had ever been before. Every one of his couplets is packed to the brim with important lessons that are instructive for people everywhere and may help them live more fulfilled and successful lives.

The natural world, domesticated animals, and arable land each have an equal amount of significance. It is our responsibility to make our tribute payment. People from all around the world believe that the season of Pongal is a highly auspicious one, and they pray to the highest for the compassion of the highest to be bestowed upon them.

It is important to note that the Pongal festival has been observed for as long as anybody can remember, all the way back to 400 BCE. A number of historians have written about Pongal in their works; however, the book “A Western Journalist on India” written by “Francois Gautier,” a French Journalist, is considered to be the greatest record of Pongal. In this book, Gautier talks about the festival of Pongal being celebrated throughout all of Tamilnadu, with a great deal of happiness and valor.

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