Mangalore Navaratri Dasara 2022 Kudroli Temple Dates

Know the details about the Navaratri festival and also Mangalore Navaratri Dasara 2022 Kudroli Temple Dates And Timings, Mangalore Temple Timings

Mangalore Kudroli Temple:

Kudroli temple in Mangalore, Karnataka is mainly known for the important shrines of Lord Shiva. Every year Navaratri/ Dasara festival is conducted with great zeal by Kudroli Shri Gokarnatheswara Temple. Though the Kudroli temple in Mangalore has shrines of many other gods and goddesses, the Temple of Lord Shiva is considered more important. The Navaratri festival is one of the most famous festivals celebrated throughout the country and Karnataka state is well known for celebrations of Navaratri festival.

Kudroli Gokarnatheswara temple has a history of about more than 100 years and the main festivals celebrated in Kudroli temple are Navaratri and Shivaratri.

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Mangalore Navaratri Dasara 2022 Kudroli Temple Dates

Mangalore Kudroli temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva and all the rituals and traditions in the Gokarnath Temple are based on the Nath tradition mostly prevalent in those areas.

During the days of the Dasara/ Navaratri festival, every corner of Mangalore city will be well decorated, and people decorate their houses with colorful flowers and many other decorative items. The temple of Kudroli Gokarnath Swamy is heavily crowded during the Navaratri festival. Many events will be organized during the Navaratri/ Dasara festival in Mangalore. Tiger dance, Lion dance, and Bear dance are some of the crucial aspects.

In Mangalore Kudroli temple Navaratri/ Dasara Utsavas start on 26 September 2022 and ends on 05 October 2022. People from all places visit Mangalore Kudroli temple to see the eve of the Navaratri festival.

S.No Day Goddess Avatar
11st dayShailaputri
22nd dayBrahmacharini
33rd dayChandraghanta
44th dayKushmanda
55th daySkandamatha
66th dayKatyayini
77th dayKala Ratri
88th daymaha Gouri
99th daySiddadhatri


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