Bhadrachalam Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking Today

Know the details about Bhadrachalam Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking Today, Bhadrachalam Darshan ticket booking online Process, Phone Number, and information here.

It is often known as the Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, however, the Bhadrachalam Temple is really a magnificent residence of Lord Rama. A wide variety of Sevas, Poojas and Darshan are performed at the Hindu temple by pilgrims from all around India and the state of Telangana. In addition to providing spiritual nutrition, Bhadrachalam Ramalayam is located in a setting that is both beautiful and peaceful. The tranquil environment and other points of interest may be enjoyed by devotees who visit the area around the temple. see below to get the details about Bhadrachalam Temple DarshanTicket Online Booking.

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Bhadrachalam Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking Today

The Sri Bhadrachalam Temple can be found in the town of Bhadrachalam, which is situated in the Khammam district of the Indian state of Telangana. It is a sacred location for Lord Rama since it is close to the banks of the Godavari River. Since its establishment in the 17th century, the Bhadrachalam Ramalayam Temple has been visited by tens of thousands of worshippers.

The magnificent Holy temple was constructed by Sree Rama devotee Kancharla Gopanna, also known as Sri Rama dasu. The temple is placed in a favorable location to serve neighboring states, which are just a few kilometers away. For instance, visitors coming from Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, have a simple time making their way to the Bhadrachalam Temple.

Bhadrachalam Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking Today

The famed Sree Rama devotee Kancharla Gopanna was the one who constructed the temple, which is considered to be one of the seven carnations of Lord Vishnu. This goes all the way back to the 17th century, at the time when Gopanna served as Tahsildhar in the administration of Abdul Hassan Qutb Shah.

When some time passed, the servants of Lord Rama elevated him to the position of Bahktha Ramadasu. After that, Qutb Shah gave Gopanna permission to collect taxes for the government (Jaziya tax). The punishment given to Hindus for their refusal to convert was this. Gopanna, on the other hand, puts the money from the taxes towards the construction of a temple for Hindu worshippers called the Bhadrachalam Temple. He utilizes six lakhs of the total sum to finish the building.

Bhadrachalam Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking Process and Steps

Festivals celebrated in Bhadrachalam Temple:

  • Brahmotsavam celebrations,
  • Sri Sitarama Thirukalyana Mahotsavam ceremonial (eve of Roma Navami)
  • Vaikuntha Ekadashi,
  • Vijayadashami Vasanthotsavam

Applicants are required to first register on the official temple online gateway before they may purchase tickets. The user is required to provide their cell phone number and then authenticate their information by entering an OTP code. After the account has been activated, the next steps may be taken to complete the booking process.

  • Visit the menu on the homepage of the Bhadrachalam Ramalayam website and pick the “book now” option.
  • The website’s address is
  • The next step is to submit a picture ID proof for yourself and any other devotees traveling with you.
  • Continue with the process of making the necessary payments depending on the Requirements.
  • Receipts will be generated by the system, and users have the option to print off a copy for their own records.
  • It is best to get tickets in advance in order to prevent the stress of waiting until the last minute.
  • There is also the option to buy tickets at the desk within the temple. Yet, waiting in line might be exhausting; worshippers can use their mobile phones to make reservations in advance.

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