Draksharamam Temple Darshan Timings and Temple Route Guide

Know all the information about Draksharamam Temple and also details about how to reach Draksharamam temple

Draksharamam Temple Darshan Timings and Temple Route Guide

Draksharamam temple is one of the most important temples of Lord Shiva in the East Godavari District. Here Lord Shiva is called Bhimeswara Swamy and goddess Parvathi Devi is also present in the Draksharamam Temple and is named Manikyamba Devi. thousands of people from all over the country visit Draksharamam temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Draksharamam Temple is one of the most Important Temples in Pamcharamam Temples. This Temple is Very Famous for Shakthi Peetam also. Having Darshan and Blessings of Sri Bheemeswara Swamy will remove all sins in our Life.

  • Draksharamam daily opens at 5.00 Am and closes at 8.00 PM
  • Draksharamam Temple opens from 5.00 AM to 12.00 PM in noon and in the evening it opens from 3.00 PM to 8.00 Pm.
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How To Reach Draksharamam Temple?

Draksaharamam is one of the famous temples and people from all parts of the country try to visit Draksharamam temple. Check below for all the details about Rail, Road, and Air transportation.

There is no airport in Draksharamam, the nearest airport is Rajahmundry Airport, and the nearest Railway stations are Rajahmundry and Kakinada railway stations.

Traveling To Draksharamam by Flight:

Rajahmundry airport is one of the nearest airports to Draksharamam. People from any place in India can take a flight to Rajahmundry and from there buses and cabs are available to reach Draksharamam.

Traveling To Draksharamam By Train:

The nearest stations to Draksharamam are Kakinada and Rajahmundry railway stations. People from any part of the country can take a train to any of these stations and from there people can board a bus or can take a taxi to reach Draksharamam.

Traveling To Draksharamam By Bus:

People planning to reach Draksharamam have to reach Kakinada Or Rajahmundry in East Godavari District by taking flight or by train. From Kakinada, frequent buses will be running to Draksharamam temple. People can travel to Draksharamam by traveling through these buses.



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