Grishneshwara Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

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Jyotirlingas are said to have a special significance for worshippers since it is believed that Lord Shiva personally visited specific places, and as a consequence, Jyotirlingas holds a special place in their hearts. Jyotirlingas are sacred temples that are devoted to the god Shiva and each one has its own unique light. There are a total of 12 of them in the country of India. The term “jyotirlinga” originates from Sanskrit and means “column or pillar of light.” The’stambha’ sign is used to represent the concept that there is neither a beginning nor an end by showing that there is no beginning or finish. See below to get the details about Grishneshwara Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

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Grishneshwara Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

According to the story that is told about Shivalay, the king of Verul went on hunting trips and during such trips, he murdered animals that lived in the hermitage of the Rishis.

This infuriated the Rishis, who proceeded to place a curse on the king, which resulted in a swarm of insects covering his body. As a result of the curse, the monarch became a monarch no more. The king, unfortunately, perished as a direct result of the curse. When the king was mindlessly walking about in the forest, he came upon a crack in the ground that had a stream of water rushing out of it. This was a fortunate discovery for the monarch.

As soon as he began drinking the water, the insects on his body had the appearance of leaving, as if by some kind of miracle they were removed by being washed away. When the throne was taken away from him, the dethroned monarch was forced to do severe penance at that location. As a result of the sacrifice, Lord Brahma was pacified, and as a sign of his gratitude, he bestowed his favor onto the monarch and then proceeded to build a lake that would eventually become known as Shivalay.

Grishneshwara Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

Mahashivaratri: The Maha Shivaratri festival is a significant occasion at the Grishneshwar temple, just as it is at all other significant Shiva temples. It is the most important celebration held in this town. On this happy occasion, which takes place in February or March of each year, millions of worshippers go to this particular town in the hopes of catching sight of the Lord.

Festival of the Lord Ganesha: This event, which is observed in the months of August and September, is devoted to Lord Ganesh.

Navratri or Durga Puja: It is a well-known event that is observed as a commemoration of the triumph of good over evil. According to the myth, Goddess Durga triumphed over Mahishasura, the ruler of the demons, in order to redeem the world and restore Dharma. The festival of Navratri is observed for a whole week throughout India. The celebrations that take place at the temple include the adornment of the stage, the recital of the tale, the acting out of the story, and the singing of the Hindu texts.

Grishneshwara Temple Accommodation Cost Online Booking

Located around 1.5 km away from the Velur bus terminal is the Ellora Om Siddheshwar Bhakta Niwas. Only rooms with two or three beds are available for families staying at this establishment.

The accommodation has a parking lot, as well as hot and cold running water for guests’ use. You will also be given the choice between rooms with air conditioning and rooms without air conditioning, and this choice will be based on your financial constraints. Each of the rooms is immaculate, and they charge reasonable rates for their services.

The Grishneshwar temple in Velur is considered to be one of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas. It is regarded to be the last Jyotirling, also known as the twelfth Jyotirling. This shrine may be seen in close proximity to the world-famous Ellora caves. This particular Jyotirling of India is one among the little ones. The lodging is located in close proximity to a number of different locations, including the temple, which is within walking distance.



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