Places To Visit Near Sri Kalahasti Temple Must See

Know the details about Places To Visit Near Sri Kalahasti Temple Must See, Near to Srikalahasti, Tourist places to visit in Sri Kalahasti Here.

The Srikalahasti Temple may be found in the community of Srikalahasti, which is located inside the Tirupati district of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. It is supposed to be the location where Kannappa was prepared to donate both of his eyeballs in order to conceal the blood gushing from the linga before Shiva stopped him and awarded him moksha. This temple is considered to be one of the most prominent temples dedicated to Shiva in all of South India. See below to get the details about Places To Visit Near Sri Kalahasti Temple

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Places To Visit Near Sri Kalahasti Temple Must See

Veyilingala Kona Waterfall:

The Veyilingala Kona Waterfall, whose name literally translates to “the valley of the thousand Lingas,” is consistently ranked as one of the most popular destinations among both residents and tourists.

It is thought that a plunge into the clear water here may save a person’s soul since the water is supposed to possess healing characteristics that can treat a variety of skin conditions. In Srikalahasti, you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to go to these waterfalls, which are located in one of the most picturesque areas of the city.

Sri Subrahamanya Swamy Temple:

A large temple that is devoted to Lord Murugan may be found right in the middle of the city. You may reach the Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple with a moderate ascent of around 150 steps. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with enticing views of the surrounding area and expansive courtyards.

During the Aadi Krithika festival, which lasts for eight days, the temple is transformed into a vibrant hub of celebration and glitz. During this time, a procession is held in which Lord Subrahmanya Swamy and his consorts Sri Valli and Devasena are transported through the streets on a number of different Vahanams.

Places To Visit Near Sri Kalahasti Temple Must See and Theertham:

Bharadwaja Tirtham:

The Bharadwaja Tirtham is a holy place that is known for having some of the most stunning scenery all around it due to the surrounding hills and streams. The presence of the statue of Vinayaka, which is surrounded by water on all sides, lends an air of mystique to the location. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in the area.

Sahasra Linga Temple:

This temple got its name from the enormous collection of one thousand Shiva lingams that are housed inside it. Each of these lingams was sculpted from a single idol and is now kept within the temple. It is not only more intriguing to pay a visit to this place because of the serene environment that the temple enjoys as a consequence of its vicinity to a forest as well as hills, but the feeling of adventure that it inspires is also increased as a result of this proximity.

Bhakta Kannappa Temple:

The temple is associated with the tradition that a tribal youngster named Bhakta Kannappa offered his eyes to the image of Lord Shiva in the temple, and as a result, the temple is home to an idol of Bhakta Kannappa. In this temple, in order to show reverence for his devotion, sacrifices are first presented to Bhakta Kannappa and only then to the Shiva Linga.

Durgambika Temple:

One may reach an old temple that is devoted to the goddess Durgambika by climbing steps that go across a hillside that offers expansive views. This location, like many others in the region, is characterized by its picturesque background and the abundance of natural beauty all around.

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