TTD Tirumala Kalyanakatta Timings Hair Offering Procedure

Know all the details about TTD Tirumala Kalyanakatta Timings Hair Offering Procedure, Kalyana Katta Timings, and Procedure.

Tirumala is one of the most powerful devotional centers and it is designated as Bhu-Vaikuntam. According to Puranas, it is said that the Seven hills of the Tirumala are a place where Lord Venkateshwara Swamy landed on the Earth for the first time. According to the wishes they have people will pray many offerings to Lord Venkateshwara. Hair Offering is one of the types of offers that is almost preferred by all devotees. As there was heavy demand for hair offerings TTD officially employed hundreds of barbers and provided a place called Kalyana Katta for especially Hair Offerings. Devotees who came for Hair Offering in Kalyana Katta have to take tokens.

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TTD Tirumala Kalyanakatta Timings Hair Offering Procedure

In Tirumala, Kalyana Katta is opened at morning 3.00 AM and closes at night at 11.00 PM. During festivals or any utsavas there will be heavy crowds and devotees have to follow the queue system, and during normal days devotees can go to Kalyana Katta without any crowd. 

TTD has arranged Hair Offering facilities in almost all the major rest houses in Tirumala. But those facilities are available only for those pilgrims who are staying in that particular rest house. Kalyana Katta facility is mainly used by pilgrims who don’t have any proper accommodation.

Hair Offering Process

  1. After reaching Kalyana Katta Devotees have to take tokens for the hair offering service.
  2. After taking tokens devotees have to follow the queue system.
  3. After completion of the hair offering devotees can go to the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.

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