Deepavali Dhana Lakshmi Pooja Procedure In Telugu PDF

Know all the information about the Deepavali Dhana Lakshmi Pooja Procedure In Telugu PDF Download, and timings and Lakshmi Pooja procedure.

Deepavali Dhana Lakshmi pooja:

Deepavali is one of the most enjoyable festivals in India. Deepavali festival is also called as cracker festival or Diya festival or Festival of Lamps. The people of India celebrate the Deepavali festival with great interest and joy. Deepavali festival is celebrated by all the people of India without any caste discrimination. Both kids and elders enjoy celebrating the Deepavali festival by lighting lamps and firing crackers.

At the Deepavali festival, people light lamps and firecrackers, and also share sweets with their neighbors and surroundings. Deepavali Festival is also known for various poojas and a variety of food items. Deepavali festival is also well known for DhanaLakshmi pooja. Dhana Lakshmi pooja is performed both in shops and houses. People believe that performing Dhana Lakshmi pooja on the day of Deepavali at their shops and houses brings wealth and prosperity to their families and business.

Deepavali Dhana Lakshmi Pooja Procedure In Telugu Pdf

One of the main ideologies of celebrating the Deepavali festival is to celebrate the victory of Good over bad.

  1. On the Deepavali festival, Dhana Lakshmi pooja is performed in the evening between 6.00 Pm to 8.00 Pm.
  2. At the time of pooja, the cloth should be placed and rice should be spread on the cloth.
  3. Dhana Lakshmi’s idol should be placed on the rice and decorated with flowers.
  4. Colorful Rangoli should be drawn before the Pooja place.
  5. Later, Pooja should be performed by reciting Maha Lakshmi Asthittaram and other Maha Lakshmi Songs.
  6. After various fruits and sweets are offered as Naivedhyam to the Goddess.
  7. After completion of the Pooja process, people fire the crackers and enjoy the festival.
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