Bhishma Ashtami 2023 Date And Time

See Below for the details about Bhishma Ashtami 2023 Date And Time, Bhishma Ashtami Pooja Vidhana, Tarpana Vidhana, Story behind in this festival here.

Story About Bhishma Ashtami:

According to Hindu Dharma, Bhishma Ashtami is the most auspicious day which mentions the death of Bhishma pita maha. Bhishma Ashtami is observed in the month of Magha, the next day of Ratha Sapthami. In another sense, it is also said that Bhishma Ashtami is performed in the Uttarayanam, the time when Sun moves in the North direction from the South.

Bhishma Ashtami is one of the auspicious days selected by Bhishmacharya to leave his body. According to Mythology, it is said that Bhishma is the son of Ganga, the Sacred River. On the day of Bhishmashtami, it is very auspicious to reduce pitru dosha by giving Pitru Tarpanam to the ancestors. Giving Pitru Tarpanam in the time of Parva Kalas like Uttarayana Parva Kalam and also Dakshinayana Punya Kalam and on the festivals like Ratha Sapthami and Bhishmashtami are considered important and it is believed that giving Tarpanas during these times are considered important to get blessings of Ancestors and Pitru Devathas.

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Bhishma Ashtami 2023 Date And Time

In the year 2023, Bhishma Ashtami is celebrated on 28- January -2023.

Ashtami Tithi starts on 28 – January – 2023, at 8.40 AM; Ashtami Tithi ends on 29- January -2023, at 9.10 AM.

Bhishma Ashtami Rituals:

  1. on the day of Bhishma Ashtami people perform auspicious Sraddha, in the favour of their ancestors. But in some areas, this ritual is not followed and in other places, people observe fast on the day of Bhishma Ashtami.
  2. Performing Tarpanas or Sraddhas near any rivers or sea is more important and most significant.
  3. Taking bath in Holy Rivers and performing all the programs are important on this day.
  4. All the temples of Lord Krishna and Vishnu are decorated well and heavily crowded on these days.

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