Airavateswara Temple Darshan Ticket Cost Online Booking

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Kumbakonam, which can be located in the Thanjavur District of the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, is home to a Dravidian-style Hindu temple known as the Airavatesvara Temple. This temple was constructed in the Dravidian fashion. This temple, which was constructed by the Chola monarch Rajaraja II in the 12th century CE, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along with this temple and the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur and the Gangaikondacholisvaram Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, which are collectively known as the Great Living Chola Temples, they are the only Chola temples still in existence. See below to get the details about Airavateswara Temple Darshan Ticket Cost Online Booking

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Airavateswara Temple Darshan Ticket Cost Online Booking

Who built Airavateswara Temple?

Across their vast realm, the Chola dynasty constructed many Hindu temples. Four of them were enormous constructions that were entirely made of stone vimanas. One of these four is the temple dedicated to Airavatesvara. The other three temples may be found at Thanjavur, built by Rajaraja I; Gangaikonda Cholapuram, built by Rajendra I; and Tribuvanam, built by Kulottunga II, a later-era Chola ruler. Each of these temples was constructed by a different Chola king.

What is the entry ticket cost of Airavatesvara Temple?

There is no entry ticket for Airavateswara Temple. People can enter the temple freely without taking any tickets and also there is no online darshan booking facility for the Airavateswar Temple.

Airavateswara Temple Darshan Ticket Cost Online Booking

At what time Airavateswara Temple opens today?

Airavateswara Temple daily opens in the morning at 6.00 AM and closes in the evening at 8.00 PM

What is the legend behind Airavateswara Temple?

The story that is told most often in connection with the temple is that Lord Shiva was worshiped there by Airavat, the white elephant that belonged to Lord Indra. According to Hindu legend, the sage Durvasa placed a curse on Airavat because of the disdain he showed toward the recluse.

The pearly white skin of the elephant eventually became discolored as a result of the curse. Airavat restored his color by bathing in the tank of water that is located inside this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Because of this, the shrine was given the name it has today. Pilgrims continue to visit this location in the hope that a holy bath in the waters of the water tank would absolve them of their sins.

The water tank is still located here. Within the innermost rooms of the shrine is a stone carving that tells this same narrative.

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Airavateswara Temple Darshan Ticket Cost Online Booking

How to reach Airavateswara Temple?

The Airavatesvara Temple may be found about five kilometers outside of Kumbakonam’s municipal limits. Taxis, private automobiles, or buses operated by the government may be used to get there quickly and conveniently. You also have the option of driving to the location in question.




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