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Karchapeswarar Temple is a Shiva temple in the town of Kanchipuram, which is also known as Temple Town. Karchapeswarar or Kaccapesvarar is the name of the god who rules over Kaccapesam. Before 1600 years, the temple was built. A grammar book written in the 7th century called “Thandiyalangaram” talks about this temple. Sri Kanchabesar: Why It’s Called That. During ‘Dhasavadharam,’ Thirumal (Mahavishnu) turned into a tortoise and honored Lord Shiva here as a tortoise. ‘Kachabam’ means ‘Tortoise’. The name “Kachabeswarar” means “Easwara on a tortoise.”

Those who worship Kachabeswarar will be saved from their troubles and pains. People worship Lord Shiva to get help with ear problems, to get a child, or to get rid of problems with getting married.

Itta Chitha Theertham is famous for its tank, which is called Itta Chitha Theertham. Lord Shiva will bless anyone who takes a bath here. Sivagnana Munivar says that those who look at it, dip or swim in it, or sprinkle the holy waters around them will be blessed with goodness, wealth, happiness, and safety.

People who take a dip in this holy tank on Sunday will be blessed with a child if they don’t have any and a wife if they want one. It makes people who are sick healthy so they can live a long time. Gives the poor both knowledge and money. In the words of Madhava Sivagnana Munivar, people who are out of work are given jobs in the pond.

The Sri Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple is open from 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the morning. and Evening: 4.30 to 8.30 for darshan.

Kachabeswarar Temple Kanchipuram Timings Darshan Today and History:

The temple was built in the 16th century A.D. It is thought that the Chola king Kulothungan-I built it during the Chola era. In his Thevaram songs, Saint Sundarar praises the temple. In Thevaram songs, this is the 26th Shiva temple in the Thondainadu area that is praised. After going to Tirukazhu Kundram, Saint Sundarar stopped in Tirukachur on his way to Kancheepuram. Sundarar and his team were very tired and hungry from the long trip. They stayed at this cluster of temples.

Lord Shiva showed up as an old man. He told them they would get food soon and told them to wait a while. With all due respect to the old man, Sundarar waited. Lord Shiva, the old man, went asking with his bowl (Tiru Odu), got food, and then fed his followers with Sundarar. As soon as they were done eating, the old man left.

Other Deities in Kachabeswarar Swamy Temple: Sri Kachapeswarar Peruman Sannidhi Itta Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi Yoga Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi Dharma Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi Gnana Siddheesa Peruman Sannidhi Chathur Mukeswara Peruman Sannidhi.

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Kachabeswarar Temple Kanchipuram Timings Darshan Today and Architecture:

The temple’s shrines and The entrance to the temple is a flat tower, and all of the shrines are surrounded by rectangular granite walls that go in a circle. In front of the gate, there is a sixteen-pillar hall with carved pillars from the 16th century. The temple is on a piece of land that is about 2 acres (0.81 ha) in size. The temple tank is right next to the hall with sixteen columns. The Lingam-shaped picture of Kachabeswarar is kept in the main shrine.

In the Maha mandapam, which leads to the temple, is the shrine of Irulneeki Thayar, which is also called Anthaga Nivarini and faces west. The shrine of Thyagaraja, which is next to the temple, leads to the center shrine. As in other Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu, shrines for Vinayaka, Murugan, Navagraha, Chandikesa, and Durga can be found around the main shrine. On the Western side, there is a shrine that shows Shiva giving food to Sundarar. The entry to the chamber is on the side.

The sanctum looks like a moat. Images of Vinayaka, Surya, Valli Deivanai, Subramanya, Nataraja, and Nalvar can be found in the first area around the shrine. The shrine of Amman faces west, and the god Anjanatchiamman is shown standing in front of it. Cholas are thought to have built the first part of the complex, while the current building was built by the Nayak in the 16th century. In modern times, the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu takes care of the temple and makes sure it stays in good shape.

Kachabeswarar Temple Kanchipuram Timings Darshan Today and Religious Importance:

It is one of the 275 Shiva Sthalams that were praised in the early medieval Tevaram songs by the Tamil Saivite Nayanars Sundarar. Hindu myth says that Sundarar got very hungry while he was traveling through the area. Shiva showed up and gave Sundarar food. Sundarar wrote about the event and referred to the god as Kachabeswarar, Virundeeswarar, and Iranthittai Eswarar. The temple is one of the most important ones in the Thondai area. It is called Amudha Thyagesar and has pictures of the god Thyagaraja.

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