2023 Ugadi Date And Timings In Andhra Pradesh

Know the details about the Ugadi festival, its Importance, Must do Rituals, and also the 2023 Ugadi Date And Timings In Andhra Pradesh here.

About Ugadi Festival:

Ugadi also called Yugadi means the beginning of a new year. According to the Telugu calendar, Ugadi is the first festival celebrated at the beginning of the year. Ugadi festival is celebrated in the month of Chaitra every year. As per Telugu Months, Chaitra Masam is the 1st Month. This festival is can be celebrated under different names in India. This Ugadi festival in South India is completely based on Chandramana. As Per Sanathana Dharma, Chandramana means Movement of Moon (Chandra). Days and Time calculation based on Moon movement around the earth. This Chandramana Ugadi is widely celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and the Maharastra States In South India. Tamil Nadu and Kerala follow the Souramana Paddathi (Movement of Sun) Means Scientifically Earth revolution around the Sun. Ugadi festival is celebrated in the months of March-April.

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2023 Ugadi Date And Timings In Andhra Pradesh

Ugadi is the most important and grandly celebrated Telugu Festival in the Telugu States. Also, This Ugadi festival has a very strong Ancient mark. This year, Ugadi falls on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023. Both Telangana and Andra Pradesh people are celebrating the festival on the same date.

Ugadi festival marks the beginning of the spring season, which indicates the new life with more enthusiasm. Ugadi festival is celebrated in all parts of India. But names and traditions of the festival change from one region to the other. According to the Puranas, it is believed that Ugadi is celebrated on the day when Lord Brahma started his work of creation.

Ugadi 2022 Date and Muhurtham in Andhra Pradesh

Every festival has its own procedure and rituals in Indian culture. Like that, Ugadi also has some important and must and do rituals.

  • Taking a holy Head Bath at the Early Morning
  • Having New Clothes
  • Having Blessing from Parents and Grandparents
  • Doing Pooja of Kula Devatha (Family God)
  • Offering Ugadi Pachadi as Naivedhyam to God
  • Having Ugadi Pachadi as Prasadam
  • Donating Ugadi Pachadi as Prasadam to Others
  • Having Darshan of any God in Temple
  • Doing Panchanga pooja in the Evening
  • Panchanga Patana or Panchanga Sravana in the Evening
This Year Ugadi Falls on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023. And Panchanga Sravana Muhurtham at 06.30 PM Evening


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