2022 Kartik Ganga Snan Dates Timings and Puja

Know the details about Kartika Masam Start date and End Date and also the about 2022 Kartik Ganga Snan Dates Timings and Puja details here.

2022 Kartik Ganga Snan Dates Timings and Puja

Taking a holy bath daily in the month of Kartika is considered good and taking holy Ganga Snan on the day of full moon day ( Kartika Pournami) in the Kartika Masam is considered auspicious. Karthika Month has special holiness in Indian Sanathana Dharma. Many Things and Puja are explained in This Sacred Karthik Masam. All of them, Karthik Snan is Special Thing.

This Year, Karthik Ganan Snan Starts on Tithi of Pournami on 07 November 2022, at 4.20 PM, and ends on 08 November 2022, at 4.40 PM.

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Kartika Ganga Snan / What is Kartika Ganga Snan:

Kartika Masam is one of the sacred Masam in the Hindu calendar. The period of 30 days in Kartika Masam is dedicated to Lord Shiva and all the poojas and Homams are done in the honor of Lord Shiva. According to the Georgian calendar, Kartika Masam is observed in the months of October-November every year. People perform many rituals like Kartika Snanam, kartika Pournami Pooja, kartika Vana Bhojanam and many others. Kartika Masam is considered as the holy month in almost all parts of India and special poojas are conducted to Lord Shiva but in different names with different traditions.

Kartika Snanam is one of the holy rituals mainly followed in the Kartika Masam. In the Kartika Masam, people get up early in the morning before Sunrise and take a holy bath with cold water. After that people perform special poojas to Lord Shiva. There is also a ritual of Lighting Diyas is also performed in the month of Kartika. People after taking the Holy bath light Diyas before their houses and also before the Tulasi tree.

Visiting the temples of Lord Shiva in the month of Kartika is considered auspicious and people also light diyas in the temple of Lord Shiva. Check below for the details about Kartika Masam Ganga Snan 2022 Date and timings.


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