Vontimitta Temple Arjitha Sevas List Online Booking

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Vontimitta, which is located in the Kadapa district and is one of the mandal headquarters there, is located at a latitude of 14 degrees 2 minutes and a longitude of 79 degrees 23 minutes E. On the primary route between Kadapa and Chennai, the little town may be found around 28 kilometers into the journey. On the Chennai-Mumbai railway line, there is a Vontimitta railway station located on the Chennai-Mumbai line between the Kadapa (Cuddapah) and Rajampet railway stations. The airport at Tirupathi is the one that is the most convenient to use. See below to get the details about Vontimitta Temple Arjitha Sevas List Online Booking

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Vontimitta Temple Arjitha Sevas List Online Booking

The settlement of Vontimitta may be found in the direction of the southwest, which is where you’ll find the Sri Kodandarama Temple. The temple’s courtyard was rather large, and it included three gopura entrances. The Chola and Vijayanagara rulers were responsible for the construction of the temple.

The lack of a Hanuman idol is what distinguishes this temple from any other in India; in fact, it is the only one of its sort in the whole country. It should be brought to everyone’s attention that the temple of Sanjeevaraya (Sri Hanuman), which faces west towards the main temple, may be found to the east of the eastern gopura of this temple.

The architecture and artwork of the Vontimitta temple are well-known around the world. The French explorer Traverniar referred to the pagoda as “one of the greatest pagodas in all of India” when he wrote about the temple. The temple has been designated as a nationally significant monument.

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Vontimitta Temple Arjitha Sevas List Online Booking

It is stated that Vontimitta was a “Holy kshetra” that was situated in between the two main kshetras of the south of India, which were Srisailam and Siddavatam. This sacred site was also known by the name Dandakaranya Kshetra at one time. At the time known as the Tretayuga, Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, traveled to carry out his father Dasaradha’s instructions.

In order to slake the thirst Sitha during the middle of the day, Rama discharged his arrow into the ground, and through the hole it created, delicious water began to emerge. After some time, two smaller tanks, which have been given the names “Ramatirtham” and “Lakshmanatirtham,” were constructed out of the continuous flow of water.

Rama, his wife Sita, and his brother Lakshmana went on a sightseeing trip across Dandakaranya and met a great number of sages. The rishis made a plea to Rama to save them from the evil that was being perpetrated by the demons. They were all blessed by Rama, who made a vow to punish the evildoers.

Vontimitta Temple Arjitha Sevas List Online Booking

  1. Every Saturday at 6.00 AM Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Abhishekam will be performed and it costs Rs 1150 per couple.
  2. Every Tuesday at 6.00 Am Sri Anjaneya Swamy Abhisheakam will be performed and all the pilgrims can watch this Arjitha Seva.
  3. On every Pournima( Full Moon Day), from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM Punammi Kalyanotsavam will be performed to Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy in the temple and it costs Rs 1000, People who participated in this seva will be provided with prasadam.

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