Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List

Know the details about Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List, Vontimitta Kodanda Rama Swamy Brahmotsavam 2023 dates

In the Indian state of Andhra, near Vontimitta town in Vontimitta Mandalam of Kadapa District, lies the Hindu temple known as Kodandarama Temple, which is devoted to the deity Rama. The temple, which is a prime example of Vijayanagara architecture, dates from the sixteenth century. According to reports, it is the largest temple in the area. It is situated adjacent to Rajampet and 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Kadapa. One of the monuments of national significance that is centrally preserved is the temple and the structures that surround it. See below to get the details about Vontimitta Temple 2023 brahmotsavam Vahanam List.

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Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List

  • Around the 16th century, the temple was constructed during the rule of the Chola and Vijayanagara rulers.
  • Rama is the subject of Bammera Potana’s epic poem Maha Bhagavatham, which he penned in Telugu while residing in Vontimitta. Vavilakolanu Subba Rao, commonly known as “Andhra Valmiki,” spent time here worshipping Rama in addition to translating Valmiki’s Ramayana, the Hindu epic that tells Rama’s story, into Telugu.
  • It is stated that the saintly poet Annamacharya went to the temple and wrote and sang kirtans—songs—in honor of Rama. A French explorer named Jean-Baptiste Tavernier enjoyed the temple’s elegant construction when he saw it in 1652.

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Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List and Brahmotsavam Significance:

According to legend, Vontimitta was a “Holy Kshetra” that stood between the two important south Indian kshetras of Srisailam and Siddavatam. This sacred location was also known by the name Dandakaranya Kshetra. Rama visited to carry out his father Dasaradha’s instructions during the “Tretayuga” in the company of Sitha and Lakshmana. To relieve Sitha’s thirst, Rama discharged his arrow into the ground in the middle of the day, and delicious water immediately sprang from it.

Eventually, the “Ramatirtham” and “Lakshmanatirtham” tiny tanks were created from this continuous flow of water. Rama visited various “Rishis” while touring Dandakaranya with his spouse and brother Lakshmana. The rishis begged Rama to deliver them from the horrors of the demons. Rama gave them all his blessings and vowed to punish the devils.

Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List:

In Vontimitta Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple Sri Rama Navami Temple Brahmotsavams for the year 2023 starts from March 30, 2023, and Kalyanotsavam will be performed on April o5,2023. In Vontimitta temple Sita Rama Kalyanam will be performed in the evening times in the presence of the moon.

  • March 30 – Ankurarpanam
  • March 31 –  Dwajarohanam, Sesha Vahanam
  • April 01 –     Venugana alankaram, Hamsa Vahanam
  • April 02 –   Vatapatra sai alankaram, Simha Vahanam
  • April 03 –    Navaneetha Krishna alankaram, Hanumantha Vahanam
  • April 04 –   Mohini Alankaram , Garuda Seva
  • April 05  –  Shivadhanurbhanga Alnkaram, Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam
  • April 06 –  Rathotsavam
  • April 07 –  Kaliya Mardana Alankaram, Aswa Vahanam
  • April 08 –  Chakra Snanam, Dwajarohanam
  • April 09 – Pushpa Yagam

Brahmotsavams will be ended by Pushpa Yagam and thousands of people will participate in this event and seek the blessings of the main deity.

Vontimitta Temple 2023 Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List and Details

Legend has it that Vontudu and Mittudu, two worshippers, erected this temple in a single day. Both gave their lives in order to build this stunning 32-pillar temple, and they were later converted into sculptures.

This temple contains an idol of Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana that was erected by Lord Jambavantha on a single rock. Kishkindakanda, one of the great epic’s seven Kansas, is another tale that took place here.

According to a different version, Rama Sita and Lakshmana visited each other during their exile. As Sita began to feel thirsty, Lord Rama launched an arrow deep into the ground, whereupon pure water poured forth. Eventually, that water springs into two little tanks and is given the names Rama and Lakshmana.

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