Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

Know the details about Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking, Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple Upanayanam process cost timings and booking

Dharmasthala Temple is a Hindu religious institution that dates back to the last 800 years. It is located in the temple township of Dharmasthala in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India. In the 16th century, the Hindu Dvaita saint Vadiraja Tirtha re-consecrated the Temple at the behest of Devaraja Heggade, who was serving as the administrator of the Temple at the time. See below to get the details about  Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

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Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

Dharmasthalam Temple is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Chaturdanas are very famous in the Dharmasthalam Manjunatha Temple. The word “Chaturdanas” refers to “four types of charities/ danas. They are namely ” Anna Danam, Abhaya Danam, Aushadh Danam, and Vidya Danam. These Chaturdanas are mainly available and performed at the Dharmasthalam Temple.

As part of the Anna Danam initiative, the temple will provide free meals to any and all visitors as part of the program. Another component of this plan is for Heggade to provide his guidance on problems of everyday life to the individuals who have lined up to speak with him.

Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Timings:

Early morning hours.

How much time it will take to complete Upanayanam Process at Dharmasthalam Temple?

It will take about 1 – 2 hours to complete this ritual at the temple.

How many people are allowed for the Upanayanam ritual at Dharmasthalam Temple?

For the Upanyanam ritual at Dharmasthalam temple, a maximum number of 50 people are allowed to participate after COVID restrictions.

Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

What is the Upanyanam Procces followed at Dharmasthalam Temple? How is the Upanayanam process performed at Dharmasthalam Manjunatha Temple?

  • Upanayanam Package for a Single Day takes approximately one hour to complete the Upanayanam ritual.
  • Before the ceremony, the youngster/ the person who is will have his head shaved.
  • Within the confines of the mandap, the ritual involving the Upanayanam or Thread ceremony will be carried out.
  • Due to the limited number of spots available each day, advanced registration is needed.
  • Because of COVID, the number of participants in this event is limited to no more than fifty total members.
  • This Ritual will be carried out in a Mandap that is open to everybody. The devotees will take turns using the area inside the mandap.
  • In the event that they are necessary, catering services, Pooja objects, and Priest costs must each be paid for individually.
  • People have to do special registration to perform the function at separate Mandap.

Upanayanam In Dharmasthala Temple Timings Cost Booking

What is the dress code to be followed at the Dharmasthalam Manjunatha Swamy Temple?

The management of the Dharmasthala Temple enforces a stringent dress code, and those who do not adhere to it are barred from accessing the temple grounds. This applies to both men and women. Before entering the Sanctum, it is necessary for male visitors to take off their shirts and vests. Miniskirts, shorts, Bermuda half-pants, and nighties are not permitted.

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