Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi Opening Closing Timings Today

Know the details about Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi Opening Closing Timings Today, Aihole Hucchappayya Matha timings, Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi location route map

A Hindu temple known as the Huchappayya Gudi may be found a few hundred meters to the southwest of the Huchappayya Matha. It is situated in the farmlands in the direction of the river and is far from the hamlet. It is a straightforward temple that is two squares on each side and faces east. It features a roughly square sanctuary, a square entry porch, and a square sabha mandapa, which is the primary common ritual hall. See below to get the details about Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi Opening Closing Timings Today

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Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of Hucchappayya Gudi in Aihole?

In Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi will open in the morning at 9.00 AM and closes at 7.00 PM in the evening

What is the architecture of Aihloe Hucchappayya Gudi?

The Huchappayya Matha and Gudi is a temple that is dedicated to the god Shiva and can be found on the western side of the community of Aihole. A mukha mandapa, a sanctuary, and a Chalukya-style curvilinear shikhara can be seen in the Huchappayya Gudi temple, which dates back to the eighth century AD and was built at that time. In terms of architectural style, this temple is significantly different from the Lad Khan Temple that can be seen in the surrounding area.

Both the portico and the sabha mandapa are supported by four pillars each. The main hall is supported by four pillars that are organized in a square that is the same size as the portico. This square is the same size as the main hall. A Rekhanagara tower, styled by the architecture of North India, has been included in the temple’s design. This tower is comprised of rotating squares that are arranged in a winding manner as they ascend toward the clouds. The tower is destroyed, and the Amalaka finial and Kalasha that were located at the topmost pinnacle of the structure are no longer there.

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Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi Opening Closing Timings Today

What is the ticket price for entry into the Aihole Hucchappayya Gudi?

The ticket price is Rs 20 and to carry the camera inside the temple an extra amount of Rs 25 is collected.

The temple is famous for the elaborate pillar carvings that can be found both inside and outside, as well as the artwork that is shown on the temple’s ceiling and walls. The carvings portray both religious themes, such as Vishnu’s avatar Narasimha and Shiva Nataraja on the wall, as well as scenes from the everyday life of the people, such as dancers, musicians, individuals striking a Namaste pose, couples bearing gifts for prayers, flowers, and animals. There are numerous depictions of Shaiva Dvarapalas.

There are a few amusing panels, such as the one on the eastern porch column, which depicts younger ladies with horse heads hugging elderly men with beards. In the Hindu religion of Shaktism, there is a slab that has been engraved with the images of seven mothers called Saptamatrikas. In addition, the main hall of the temple has a pillar that bears an inscription written in an older form of Kannada.

The Hucchappayya gudi was built during the Early Chalukya era, which lasted from the sixth to the seventh century.

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