TTD Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Vahanam Dates and Timings

See below for TTD Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Vahanam Dates and Timings, TTD Garuda Seva Pournami Garuda Vahana Seva 2023 Dates Darshan Timings here.

One of the well-known temples in India is the Tirumala Temple. Every day, tens of thousands of devotees travel to Tirumala to seek Lord Venkateshwara Swamy’s blessings. The numerous unique sevas and other Utsavas that are held in Tirumala are also well-known. The most potent and essential of all sevas is the garuda seva. Garuda is Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s vehicle, according to the Puranas.

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Importance of Garuda Seva at Tirumala

Garuda is Lord Vishnu’s Vahana. Every year, on the fifth day of Brahmotsavams, garuda seva is carried out in Tirumala. On this day, Tirumala receives close to 5 lakh pilgrims. Therefore, garuda seva is more important in Tirumala. However, Lord Malayappa Swamy bestows his blessings on devotees while riding on Garuda Vahana on the full moon every month. Every Pournima, the Garuda seva that is only organized during Brahmotsavams will take place. Everyone is welcome to participate in this Pournami Garuda Seva, which is accessible to everyone.

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TTD Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Vahanam Dates and Timings

The evening is often when Garuda Seva is conducted. Garuda Seva is held in the evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM on each full moon day.

  • 6 January 2023, Friday
  • 5 February 2023 Sunday
  • 7 March 2023 Tuesday
  • 05 April 2023 Wednesday
  • 05 May 2020 Friday
  • 03 June 2023 Friday
  • 03 July 2023 Monday
  • 01 August  2023 Tuesday
  • 29 August 2023 Tuesday
  • 29  September 2023, Wednesday
  • 28 October 2023, a Saturday
  • 27 November 2023, Monday
  • 26 December 2023 Tuesday

In Tirumala, the Garuda Vahanam Procession will take place on Pournami Days. Lord Venkateswara will be carried out during this time in a procession on Garuda Vahanam. To see this occurrence, thousands of worshippers assemble in the Gallery. After seeing this Vahana Seva, it is thought that one will be gifted with a tranquil and healthy life.

The Vahana of Sri Maha Vishnu is Garuda. Every year, on the fifth day of Brahmotsavams, Garuda Seva is performed at the temple atop Tirumala Hill. On this day, more than 5 lakh pilgrims visit Tirumala Hills. Therefore, garuda seva has a greater meaning in Tirumala. However, every month on the full moon, Lord Malayappa Swamy rides on Garuda Vahana and grants the prayers of his followers.

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