2022 Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshanam Date and Time

See below for 2022 Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshanam Date and Time, Tiruvannamalai TempleKarthika Pournami Deepa Darshanam Date and Timings here.

During the Full Moon evening in the Tamil month of Karthigai (mid-November to mid-December), while the Moon is in the star Krittika or Kirthigai, a light festival known as Karthigai Deepam is held. The brightest star in the Pleiades is referred to as Alcyone in astronomy. In South India, this holiday is observed with greater intensity.

Karthigai Deepam’s Historical Significance:

  • It is customary to commemorate Lord Shiva and his son Muruga on the traditional holiday known as Karthigai Deepam. This festival’s rituals include the lighting of lamps. An additional spiritual significance of this day is the lighting of lamps.
  • The lamp’s wick stands in for our ego, its oil for cultivating it, and its flame for spiritual enlightenment that can stoke the ego (wick) by eradicating ingrained behavior (oil). A victory of good over evil is thus symbolized by the lighting of the lamps.
  • People light lights in their homes on Karthigai Deepam to welcome prosperity and luck into their life as well as to fight off bad vibes and evil spirits.

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2022 Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshanam Date and Time

  1. According to the Tamil calendar, Karthigai deepam occurs in the month of Kaarthigai (mid-November to mid-December).
  2. 6:58 AM on December 6, 2022
  3. 5:36 PM on December 6, 2022
  4. Beginning at 8:38 AM on December 6, 2022, is Karthika Nakshatram
  5. End of Karthika Nakshatram: December 7, 2022, 10:25

Rituals Associated With Karthigai Deepam:

  • On Karthigai Deepam, people clean their homes and adorn the front door with lovely rangolis (drawings). To greet the divine, clay lamps in a range of shapes and sizes are lit throughout the home and on the rangolis. During the Pooja, special dishes are prepared and offered to the Lord. People dress in new attire, visit their family and friends, and light joyous firecrackers to celebrate the day. In South India, Deepam is frequently seen as an extension of Diwali.
  • A giant earthen light on the sacred hill of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, is lit on this auspicious day. To honor Lord Shiva, who appeared as an endless flame, this event is lavishly celebrated for ten days. Worshiping him on this day can destroy your ego, pride, greed, and illusion.


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