Tiruchendur Temple Paal Abhishekam Seva Cost Online Booking

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The seaside temple of Arulmigu Subramanya Swami in Tiruchendur is one of the six sites of devotion that are devoted to Lord Muruga. This temple in particular has special importance since it is the climax of the notion of Muruga. It has a venerable history reaching back at least 2,000 years, and its tower is around 140 feet tall. It also has a sacred past. See below to get the details about Thiruchendur Temple Paal Abhishekam Seva Cost Online Booking

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Tiruchendur Temple Paal Abhishekam Seva Cost Online Booking And History:

Since ancient times, Hindus have been flocking to the temple since it is considered to be one of the most important spiritual places. Tiruchendur is ranked as the second-holiest location in all of Tamil Nadu for the purpose of worshipping Lord Muruga, according to the ancient text Tirumurugatrupadai, which is considered to be a classic from the third century AD.

This text mentions six specific locations on Tamil Nadu’s land as having an extraordinary level of holiness for the purpose of worshipping Lord Muruga. This was the sole temple dedicated to Lord Muruga that could be found on the coast. Since mountains and woods are said to be particularly significant to Lord Murugan, his temples are almost usually found in these types of environments.

The difference might be attributed to Muruga’s holy mission to release the devas as well as the defeat of Surapadma and his powerful troops in Vra Mahendram, which is their citadel in the middle of the ocean. Since then, the incident has been commemorated by the Tamil people as part of an annual celebration that takes place during Skanda Sasti.

It was stated that Lord Muruga camped out here before and after he vanquished the asuras, and that he worshipped Siva in the temple that Mayan had erected for Him. The Kanda Madana Parvata, which is the red sandstone rock that can be found along this shore, is where the foundations were laid. Alongside it, a towering gopuram also sprung up. In order to create the sacred sanctuary of Subramaniam, a hole was blasted through a portion of the cliff.

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Tiruchendur Temple Paal Abhishekam Seva Cost Online Booking and Timings

In the Thiruchendur temple, abhishekam seva is performed to the main deity daily in the morning and evening. Paal Abhishekaam Seva will be performed in the morning from 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM and in the evening from 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

In the Thiruchendur temple, Abhishekam Seva’s ticket cost: Rs 1500.

During the Abhishekam, the devotees are permitted to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum and sit there. In preparation for the Abhishekam, the Jewels will be taken away from the god. During this time, the priest will be doing the Abhishekam using Milk, Curd, Honey, and Panchamrutham. At regular intervals, water will be poured. After the Abhishekam is complete, the deity shall once again be adorned with Jewels. After the Abhishekam is completed, the devotees are permitted to enjoy Darshan. Abhishekam is scheduled to last for fifteen to twenty minutes. The duration of the whole pooja is thirty minutes.

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Tiruchendur Temple Paal Abhishekam Seva Cost Online Booking Benifits and Steps:

  • There is a total of two tickets up for grabs that may be reserved online.
  • At the time of ordering the ticket, information about a valid photo ID is requested.
  • Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Pan Card, and Driving Licence are examples of valid photo identification.
  • The devotee is required to arrive three hours early with a printed copy of their ticket.
  • At the time of reporting, you are required to provide valid photo identification evidence with you.
  • Tickets may be purchased between four and thirty days in advance, depending on the event.

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