Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

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The shrine is devoted to Lord Murugan, also known as Senthilandavar, who is worshipped in this form. This Padaviveedu, also known as the “armony house,” is the second of Lord Morgan’s six Padaiveedus that can be found in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is the battle’s location where Lord Morgan prevailed over the Asuran Surapadhman. The Lord’s Temple can only be found in one of the six Padaiveedu, and that location is this one, which is situated close to the water. The other five are perched on hills. The temple is open daily starting at 5 am and closing at 9 pm. See below to get the details about Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

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Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

According to the account found in the Skanda Purana, the demon king Surapadma, who had been granted by Shiva the blessing that no one other than his son could slay him, subjected all living things to agonizing pain. The gods, who were now in utter despair, beseeched Lord Shiva to come to their rescue.

This resulted in the conception of Lord Murugan, who was raised by the goddess of the ground after being conceived of as fire sparks. After defeating Surapadma and killing him in a fight that took place at Thiruchendur in Tuticorin, he worshipped his Lord father, Shiva, at this identical location after the war was over.

Kartikeya was brought into the world for the solemn purpose of vanquishing him. After that, he rose through the ranks to become the general in charge of the gods’ military forces. He slew the demon’s troops and used his spear to impale him while chained to a tree. Two birds, a cock and a peacock, emerged from the shattered spear. He chose the cock and the peacock to serve as his flag and vaahana, respectively.

Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple’s official contact number is 04639-242221, 04639-242270, 04639-242271

After the fight was done, he wanted to worship his lord father and pray for his blessings, so he set up camp on the beach near the Bay of Bengal, where he had tented both before and after the conflict. As a result, Mayan, the architect, constructed a shrine at the location where the temple is now located.

It is the only one of Lord Murugan’s six abodes in Tamil Nadu that is situated on the coast, and it is considered to be one of his most sacred places. The remaining five may be found in the regions of Thiruthani, Swamimalai, Palani, Pazhamudircholai, and Thirupparankunram; nevertheless, they are all perched above hills.

Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

Nearest Ways To Reach Tiruchendur Temple:

The Tuticorin airport is the closest airport to the temple and is located forty kilometers away. The Thiruchendur railway station is the closest train station. There are taxis, cabs, and automobiles that can take you to the temple from any of these two locations. Long-distance buses may also transport passengers from other major cities, such as Madurai or Chennai, to the location in question.

Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

Shanmuga Archana Seva will be conducted daily from morning 8.00 AM to evening 5.00 PM

The ticket cost is Rs 3500 and 6 members are allowed in the pooja.

The devotees are welcome to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum and take their seats there while the Archana is being performed. Chants, also known as mantras, are going to be performed here by the priest. Following the conclusion of the Pooja, the devotees will get the opportunity to have Darshan.

Tiruchendur Shanmuga Archana Cost Timings Online Booking

  • There is a total of one ticket available, and it may be booked via the official website of the temple at any time.
  • When placing the order for the ticket, information about a current picture identification is required to be provided.
  • The Aadhar Card, the Voter Identification Card, the Pan Card, and the Driving Licence are all instances of acceptable picture identification.
  • A printed copy of the devotee’s ticket must be shown upon their arrival, and they must get there three hours early.
  • You are necessary to have a valid picture identification with you at the time of your report in order to avoid any delays.
  • Depending on the event, tickets can become available for purchase anywhere from four to thirty days in advance. information on online bookings
  • Your ticket purchase can neither be canceled nor postponed since such options are not available.




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